Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Resolve Is A Scam!!!

It has happened to me... I met an amazing woman who I am falling for, and she asks me to take a full STD test before we have any type of oral sex. I figured, sure no problem. I just knew I would be fine.

I went and got my blood drawn last Tuesday, and I got my results in today. I tested Positive on the Antibody test for HSV2.

No, I was not reinfected. Resolve just wants you to believe that so that you take more of their product and keep your mouth shut, and they can continue making money off their product.

How can I test Negative, on three different tests, and then turn around a few months later and test Positive on that same damn test? WTF Did Resolve do to trick the test?

I am so emotional, and at a loss of words right now.

The only positive thing of it all, is that I like this girl so much that I told her everything. She likes me so much that she wants to still be with me. She said that we can get through this together. Unlike Resolve, there are some good people in the world.

Please do not purchase Resolve.