Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, I did it. I decided on the PCR test since it brought NEGATIVE results to two others from the Hub. I called my Gyno yesterday and left a voice mail for her to call me back because I wanted to see if she could submit a prescription for the DNA PCR test by Blood, and they called me back this morning. The Gyno office called Lab Corp to get more info because they did not hear of the HSV DNA PCR test via Blood. It is normally done through spinal fluid or a swab. Lab Corp recently started doing the test by Blood. So they confirmed with Lab Corp and said that I can come to the Gyno office and they will get a blood sample and send it off to Lab Corp. The cool thing is that my insurance covers it. Guess I can go buy those True Religion Jeans that I wanted. HEHE

Anyway, so my Gyno's office pretty much said that they will do whatever test that I request, and also sounded like they know that I still have HSV and if I want this test, then they will do it. I pray that the results come back NEGATIVE... then I can throw it in their face.

So I went to the Gyno office, and the funny thing is that Quest Lab was doing the blood work. HAHA Quest Lab does not offer the DNA PCR test, so they will send it off to Lab Corp. When I arrived the lady said that this test cannot be done via Blood. She opened her Lab Corp test book and showed me, and I told her that her book is out of date and I pulled out my iPhone and showed her the Lab Corp site where it states that the test can be done via Blood. I am a little cocky, but hey... So she decided to call Lab Corp because she also needed to know how much blood to draw, and what temperature to store it at. She was really nice, and I skilled her on all the HSV tests out there.

So the count down is on. I am so nervous right now. I waited for this moment for months now, and now that the time has arrived, I feel sick to my stomach. I am so scared that I still have Herpes, and I am not prepared for more bad news. I am not sure if I want more detox, but then again, if I do not take more Resolve, where do I go next. At least before, I had something to look forward to. I knew I would soon be cured. So if I am not... what do I look forward to?

OK, I will try and be positive, but I still have this thing in the back of my head saying that Resolve is a scam. I have no new updates. I went through my period with no symptoms at all. Before Resolve, I always had tingles before, during, and after my period. Today I feel that needle prick on the spot of infection. I have no clue WTF is going on, but I will know soon enough. Is it really nerve damage, or is it really still HERPES?

For those who do not know what the HSV DNA PCR test is... from what I understand is that the test detects the virus in the Blood and if found, it will give the type of HSV found. This is better than the typical IgG test, because the IgG test checks for the HSV Antibody, and not the actual virus. Here is some good info on the test (sorry, the hyperlinks were not working):

HSV PCR is a single test that both detects the presence of HSV DNA and determines which type is present in the positive samples. There is no mechanism, therefore, for testing for HSV-1 without simultaneously testing for HSV-2.!ut/p/c1/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os_hACzO_QCM_IwMLXyM3AyNjMycDU2dXQwN3M6B8JG55AwMCusNB9uHXD5I3wAEcDfT9PPJzU_Uj9aPM40NdTYINPS2NDfxd3Q0MjMw9fTwtLfwNDYwN9UP0C3IjDLJMIhUB94XRqA!!/dl2/d1/L0lDU0lKSmdvS1VRIS9JSFNBQ0lpTXlDb3FiRURBSUEhIS9ZQTQ1NDUwLTVGMHN0eWp3LzdfVUU0UzFJOTMwT0VHMDAyN0lMSTk4TzEwMzEvUVFfX185NS9zcGZfQWN0aW9uTmFtZS9zcGZfQWN0aW9uTGlzdGVuZXI!/?testId=407672&spf_strutsAction=!

My girlfriend came over last night and we were lying down and watching a movie on cable. All the sudden a Herpes commercial came on for Valtrex. My surround sound is really loud, so there was no way around her not hearing it. LOL It was a long commercial too... well at least it felt like an hour to me. After the commercial she said, do you think there is really a cure out there. I paused, and said I am sure there is a cure for anything, but it is probably an all natural cure, or a cure where your body can do it based off your diet. She agreed, and I changed the subject. I pray that I am cured so I can have my normal life back... I hate lying!!!

The results will probably take a week, so as soon as I get them back I will update everyone... whether good or bad. OK, I need to get my head straight and get back to work... please pray for me.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

93 Days Post Resolve... The Time Has Come

Sorry that I have not updated my journal in a while... work has been very demanding. Also the beautiful weather has arrived and I cannot think of anything else but being outside.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, which was 89 days Post Resolve, I woke up and felt different. For those who have been following my journal, a while back I woke up and my area down below shrunk. I am not sure if anyone remembers the day when that occurred, but I did post it in my journal so feel free to get details as to what I am referring to. Anyway, the same thing happened again on the 22nd. Also, I have always had that needle prick feeling on the spot of where I was infected with H, which I believe to be nerve damage. Well, since the 22nd, that needle prick/tingle whatever you want to call it, has went away. Someone told me that Vitamin E, I believe they said it was Vitamin E, helps heal nerve damage. I have been taking a strong dose of vitamins, so I am not sure if that helped or it healed on it's own. I hope that I am not jinxing myself here, but on 89 days Post Resolve, everything disappeared.

I emailed Resolve and Dave told me that I should get the Western Blot done. I was really looking forward to getting the test done on my 90th day, which was April 23rd, but between work and my personal life, I have not had time for much else. Dave told me that Quest Labs does Western Blot Tests now and that if I need a prescription he may be able to help me out. I am going to call Quest Lab tomorrow to see what I need to do to get this test done ASAP. If I need a prescription, I will give Dave a call and go from there. I have done a lot of research on the Western Blot and think this is the best test out there.

That is all for my updates. I will post as soon as I find out more info on the Western Blot test. I will not be posting my pin number before I test. I heard of people altering test results, so I will keep it confidential. As soon as the results are in, whether good or bad, I will post my pin number. I am not sure if Quest Lab gives you a pin number like tstd, but if they do, I will post it after the results are in. If they do not, and my results are NEGATIVE, I will scan the results and post them online. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

74 Days Post Resolve

The count down is on... I have 16 more days until I test, which is 90 days post Resolve. On April 23rd I should be H free!!! So Resolve claims...

I have nothing new going on since my last post. I have no tingles, but when I wear tight jeans, the spot where I was infected with H feels uncomfortable. I still believe I have nerve damage on the spot where I was infected with H. I have not been wearing fitted jeans so nothing at all is going on down below. Hopefully the nerve damage will be repaired as time goes by.

I have decided not to post my Pin number for my test results. I have heard a lot about people altering test results if you once tested Positive. I will post my Pin as soon as my results come in, whether Positive or Negative. If I do test Negative, I am going to see my Gyno and get a second test done for a peace of mind... and of course to throw it in my doctors face, since they claim H cannot be cured.

Sorry that I have not posted much lately. I have decided to give the Hub a break. I got so sick of certain people on the Hub, so I have not read it in weeks. Hopefully someone will email me if anything important occurs. Also, my personal life is very busy right now.

That is it for today... the count down is on and I really hope that Resolve works for me. I am not certain that I would take a second round.

Hope everyone is doing well...