Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Resolve Is A Scam!!!

It has happened to me... I met an amazing woman who I am falling for, and she asks me to take a full STD test before we have any type of oral sex. I figured, sure no problem. I just knew I would be fine.

I went and got my blood drawn last Tuesday, and I got my results in today. I tested Positive on the Antibody test for HSV2.

No, I was not reinfected. Resolve just wants you to believe that so that you take more of their product and keep your mouth shut, and they can continue making money off their product.

How can I test Negative, on three different tests, and then turn around a few months later and test Positive on that same damn test? WTF Did Resolve do to trick the test?

I am so emotional, and at a loss of words right now.

The only positive thing of it all, is that I like this girl so much that I told her everything. She likes me so much that she wants to still be with me. She said that we can get through this together. Unlike Resolve, there are some good people in the world.

Please do not purchase Resolve.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Western Blot Test Results

I had my Gyno mail me my test results, and I just got them in the mail today. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Checking In...

I just wanted to check in since I have not been around for a while. I needed some time to take this all in. The more I forget about all of this, the more my nerve damage seems to heal. Like I told someone in the Hub, I think most of this is mental. It is kind of like when you think hard about your back itching... just think about it long and hard and say it over and over, that your back itches. Well, eventually it starts to itch. It is like your mind zooms in on a spot on your back that itches. I think a lot of the symptoms are worse because we are consumed by it. The past week I have not checked my Journal or Hub and my nerve damage feels a lot better.

My Gyno said that she had to get the other doctors to sign off on the test results, for my Western Blot, and she would call me when they are ready to be picked up. Work was a nightmare this week, so I have not had the chance to hound her about not calling me back. I will call her and tell her to send the results to me. I will scan and post it as soon as I have it in my hands.

So I had sex the other night... I was messing with this girl since October, right when I was diagnosed. I never let her touch me down south, and always made excuses so she wouldn't get mad about it. Well, she finally got her shot the other night. I guess it was worth the wait. LOL I am still so freaking scared that for some reason Resolve, the product not the company, did something to alter my results... to make me look cured. I know it is not true, but I cannot help but to be so nervous. She is such a good friend to me... I guess I still have not accepted that I am cured.

I guess I will end this post by saying thank you to everyone who sent me emails thanking me for Blogging my journey, and being an inspiration to them. It really means a lot to me. For those who sent me emails recently, I will email you my response sometime today. I needed a breather from everything.

Be strong and know that there is a cure out there... keep fighting!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Am Officially Herpes Free!!!!

I just received a call from my Gyno with wonderful news... my Western Blot test came back Negative!!!!

I feel so sick and emotional right now. I am at work trying to hold it all in, but I feel like I am going to explode any moment now. I can finally move on with my life!!!

My Gyno said that the other doctors have to sign off on the results before I can pick them up, but once they are available for pickup, I will scan them and post them on my Blog.

For those who have been following my Blog, I will continue to update it, but not as often. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.

I still have the nerve damage, and hope that it does not take over a year to go away. I say over a year because someone told me that sometimes it can take over a year for the nerve and tissue to heal.

I tested Negative on all three Herpes test... I need a hug!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still Waiting...

I have not heard from my Gyno about my Western Blot test results. The University of Washington, who does the actual test, only does them a few days out of the week. I should have my results back any day. I called my Gyno to follow up on my results this evening, we shall see.

I really wish that I did not take the Western Blot now. I am so afraid of what the results will be. I am so happy to test Negative on the standard IgG test, that I am not sure what I would do if the Western Blot comes back Positive. I'm guessing that I would take another IgG and if that is Negative, again, I will move on with my life. That is the so called "Gold Standard" FDA Approved test.

I have been so moody the past two days. I have so much stress right now waiting for my results. I cannot believe that it takes this long to get my results back. I just want to move on with my life.

I will post the moment that I receive the call with my results... please pray for me. I want my 3rd and final test to be another Negative.

Friday, May 22, 2009

An Email to the Girl Who Infected Me...

Today I decided to email the girl who "infected" me with HSV2 to let her know about Resolve and how it cured me. I still have a lot of anger towards her, and always told myself that I wanted nothing to do with her. Now that I am cured, I decided to let her know about Resolve in hopes of her curing herself.

She emailed me back claiming that she never had HSV. She originally admitted to me that she had HPV, which gave her cervical cancer, and informed me that her HPV is now gone. I never knew that you could cure HPV? I think she is still in denial.

Anyway, I just wanted to dig deep within my heart to let her know that their is hope out there. She can remain in denial and spread it on to others, but it does feel good to know that I reached out to her, and for the fact that... I AM CURED!!!

Off to begin my first weekend, free... of that horrible virus!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Copy of My Negative PCR and IgG Test Results

I scanned these this evening... and of course blacked out my personal info.

PCR Result:

IgG Result:

Here is a print screen from of my Positive IgG test that I took in January 2009: