Wednesday, March 25, 2009

61 Days Post Resolve

I wanted to post today to let everyone know that I am going to wait it out to test. My 90 days post Resolve is on April 23rd. There is really no urgency to test right now, and with the 23rd only 29 days away, I figured that I might as well wait it out. Sorry if I disappointed anyone, but hey... the 23rd is right around the corner.

There is nothing new to report. I want to mention one thing... this may be nothing, but every so often I get a little discomfort down below. The tingle is still gone from the last time that I posted that it was gone. However, every now and then I do get a little discomfort, like a burny. I dunno... maybe it is the remaining dead virus or maybe it is nothing to do with H. I guess on April 23rd we will find out. Other than that... nothing new to report. No tingles!!!

I am taking a few days off of work to relax and spend some time with a "friend" of mine who is coming into town on Friday. I am so nervous... but this time I do not have to lie about my cycle, because I am suppose to start today or tomorrow. LOL No need to lie this time... HAHA She is staying with me until Tuesday, so it ought to be an interesting next few days for me. Especially since I only have one bed in my condo. (innocent smile) Of course, she does not know that I have H. I am praying that on the 23rd I am H free and in this case there is no need to tell anyone.

That is it for today...

Friday, March 20, 2009

56 Days Post Resolve

Nothing new to report today, and still tingle-free!!!

I am considering testing on Monday, but I am still indecisive. April 23rd is my 90 days post Resolve, so I may wait it out. I will sleep on it this weekend, and if I decide to test, it will be on Monday.

I have a "friend" coming to stay with me next Friday, so it would be nice to know where I stand 56 days post Resolve. I dunno... maybe I will just wait. Decisions...

Monday, March 16, 2009

52 Days Post Resolve

Nothing new to report. I have not had any tingles since the last time that I posted an update. I am going to wait another week before testing again...

For those on Resolve... be careful, because this could happen to you. ROFLMAO

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

47 Days Post Resolve

I had a really good day today. I had no tingles today... crossing my fingers, my toes, my ummmm well I cannot cross that. I just need a week of no tingles and I will be very confident that Resolve worked for me.

Nothing else to report today... a very great day for me!!!

I want to answer a question that someone asked me:

Fighter, when you say you have the tingles, do they feel like the itchies? To me they are the same. I am just finishing up the resolve and am doing the extended treatment (still getting breakouts). Let me know. Thanks

My tingles do not feel like the itchies. When I was first infected, I got something that looked like a boil down below. Once the boil went away, I always had a tingle right where the boil was. That spot, well there were actually two boils, so those spots have always had a "constant" tingle. I know that some people state that the tingle comes and goes. Unfortunately, mine were constant. I never had any sores or bumps or anything, just a tingle on that spot. Sometimes the tingle would feel a little burny too.

Since this past Saturday, my tingle went from a constant tingle, to an off and on tingle. Like I said many posts ago, the tingle is very mild and does not affect me in any way. It is just extremely annoying. Today was my first FULL day of no tingles.

I do want to point out something... let me emphasize that I am not a doctor, so this is just my thought. I really believe that after finishing Resolve, you will experience mild symptoms. This is the dead virus clearing your body. (Goodness I sound like Resolve LOL) Try to not focus on the tingles because it will stress you out. Also, drink plenty of water. A tip that I just discovered is to get in the tub and run cold water on your tingly area. I have been doing this the past few days and it really seems to help. I try to not wear panties, unless I am going to work. I also poured ACV in a warm shallow bath and sat in it for 15 minutes. I read on some forum about ACV, so I figured I would give it a shot. If you are still getting sores and bumps, you may need an extension. I do believe that the tingles are clearing symptoms that are "suppose" to go away during the 90 day waiting period. (Crossing My Fingers)

I hope this answers your question. Good luck with Step 3... the poo-poo stage!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

46 Days Post Resolve

Nothing new to report on my 46th day Post Resolve. The tingle is very minimal today. It comes and goes now. I guess that is better than the constant tingle. Some days I wake up and I am so excited that the tingle is gone, and then it tricks me. Wish I could put my boxing gloves on and battle it out in the ring with H. Currently, the tingle is gone... let's see if it comes back later today.

As I stated before, I want to test so bad right now, but I want to wait until I get a few days tingle free. I hope that the tingle completely goes away so that I can test by the end of the month (the latest). I know that I said that I will test 45 and 90 days post Resolve, but I believe there is no sense in getting my hopes up when the tingle still exists. I emailed Resolve yesterday to give them an update, and to see their thoughts on my tingle, and they still believe that it is the dead virus leaving my body. They do not recommend more treatment, and want me to give it a little more time for the tingle to go away. They did say that I could be cured now and if I want to take a blood test that I could, but they recommend me waiting a little longer before testing again. I will add something... I got a response from Resolve within an hour or two. They are always very polite and even told me that if I feel comfortable taking an extended detox, that they would send it my way, but they do not think that I need any additional minerals.

I am so eager to test NEGATIVE. This "friend" of mine, whom I am highly attracted to, is coming to stay at my place for a few nights. She flies to my location the end of this month, so I have been extremely nervous about the entire situation. I already know what will happen, and if I do not test NEGATIVE by the end of the month... I dunno what I am going to do. I guess I will have to use the "My Cycle" trick on her. BTW - We had an STD talk, and she was recently tested and has not had sex in a really long time, so I know that she is clean. How embarrassing talking about Chris Brown/Rihanna and Herpes, and yet I know that I have it myself. I guess I will leave it at that... how exciting it would be to test NEGATIVE right before she comes. Hmmmmmm OK, let me get my head back onto "work" things...

This is me as a baby (j/k of course)... LOL


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

40 Days Post Resolve

40 Days Post Resolve... the more days pass, the more afraid I become. My tingles went away for 3 days, but I can still feel where they were. I guess this means that they are not completely gone. Love, who recently tested Negative for HSV after 90 days post Resolve, woke up on her 41st day and her tingles were gone... they never came back. Tomorrow is my 41st day, so let me pray that my tingles are completely gone as well.

Other than the tingles, nothing new to report. I am working hard to get my immune system back to normal. Ever since being diagnosed with HSV2, I get sick easy. I am a huge germ-a-phob so I am always washing my hands and using hand sanitizer on top of the soap and water, but somehow I manage to get sick whenever a cold is going around in the office. As I stated in a previous post, I am taking a multi vitamin, Greens, and a Probiotic, but for a week straight I had stomach pains so I stopped taking them. I am going to start taking them again and see if it was that combination causing the pains, or if it was a coincidence. I must get my immune system stronger than ever...

Monday is my 45 day mark, but as long as the tingles remain, I will not test. I know that I said that I will test on my 45 day mark, but I do not want to test if the tingles still exist. Once they are gone for days at a time, I will test. I will then test again 90 days post Resolve.

I guess I will close this journal entry with saying that I had the STD talk with a girl that I am kind of seeing. I have not, and refuse, to let anyone touch me down below, but I want to continue dating. Some people may think that it is a waste of time, but for me I have faith that I will be cured very soon, and I guess I am staying on top of my game... just in case. I will not let H define me!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

37 Days Post Resolve

I am approaching the 45 day mark. Two people on Resolve have tested NEGATIVE on their 45 day mark. I stated before starting Resolve that I would test before Resolve, after Step 3 of Resolve, 45 days post Resolve, and then 90 days post Resolve. If my tingles are completely gone, I will test on my 45th day, which is on March 9th.

Today my tingles are gone, but I can still feel where they were. I know that this may not make any sense, but it is difficult to describe.

So my first side affect of POST Resolve... as I stated during Step 3, I had severe diarrhea. Most days, I went up to 6 times a day. My booty truly felt uncomfortable during Step 3. Well, ever since Resolve, I have had a lot of discomfort there. I have always been a regular "pooper" and since Resolve, I continued to go at least 2 times a day. My butt has never been so uncomfortable since finishing Resolve. This is kind of embarrassing, but I wanted to make a note of it in my journal. In a nutshell, my butt has not healed since Resolve.

Which type are you? LOL