Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Days Post Resolve

Well, my tests came back this morning... good news is that Resolve did not spread. I did not have HSV1 before Resolve, and I do not have HSV1 now. I was so worried about Resolve spreading H, especially after that rash on my lips. Also, I have been doing a lot of kissing lately, so I am relieved that I do not have HSV1.

The bad news is that I still have HSV2, which was expected. My numbers did not go over 5, which is good, I guess. We are still unsure of how the antibodies test works, so I guess that is good. I originally tested in October at 1.70 for HSV2, and today a week after Resolve my number is 2.41.

I feel a little depressed, but I expected that I would test Positive since it has only been a week post Resolve. I guess I had a little hope deep inside that I was cured already. I still have the tingle, and I am not sure if it is a damaged nerve... I hope Resolve is not a scam.

I will test again 45 days post Resolve. Pin#734302-6808860

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 Days Post Resolve

Anyone miss me? LOL

Well, nothing new to report. My body is beginning to adjust to no more Resolve. I still have a slight runny nose, but that could be because it is winter time. I still get slight headaches here and there, but nothing major. No more nausea, yeahhh!!!

I still have that tingle on the spot where I was infected with H. It never goes away, since I was infected. I think it is nerve damage, but I am not 100% sure. I never get any bumps or blisters or anything. When I was infected with H I got a boil. The only OB I ever had was then. I can see a little spot where the boil was. That spot is where I get a constant tingle. Wish I could fix that. Maybe I still have H and Resolve did not work, or maybe it is just nerve damage.

Other than that... nothing new to report. I do want to share my ironic experience today...

I decided to test this afternoon to see where my numbers are after completing Resolve. As I said a million time, I was just infected with HSV2 around July 08' and tested at 1.70. I am expecting my number to be > 5, but am curious what Resolve did to me. We are all still not 100% sure how the antibody test works, but all agree it will most likely be > 5. With this said, I never been to this test center before, but I know around about where it is located.

So, I arrive at the test center and my heart starts pounding.. how MF ironic, it is at the same place where the girl who infected me works at. The building is huge, but she works in the same building. For one, how ironic that I am testing for H and it is where she works... the girl who infected me. For two, what memories there, picking her up for lunch and stuff.

Moving on, so it gets even more uncomfortable for me. When I scheduled the appointment with tstd you have to give a name, but it can be any name. So, Fighter decided... let me use that ^#%&%#*&@ name since she infected me. Oh yes, I get in the building and give her my ex g/f's name who works in the same building. My heart is pounding as I hope that the lady does not know my ex g/f. LOL So the lady says wow that is a really pretty name. I am thinking errrrr just test me dammit. I hate the girl who infected me, so shut up with telling me how pretty her name is. Then she goes on to tell me she is 4 months pregnant and is going to name her baby the same name. ROFLMAO

OK, so I test... yes Techie I tested dammit!!! As I finish testing I run out of the building making sure I do not run into my ex g/f. If I did, I dunno what I would do. Much anger!!!

So, I am driving to work, and I have so many projects due, so I do not have time for anything but to get to work. Someone above was trying to tell me something today... yes, some *&*&%$ runs a red light and hits me. Luckily I was paying attention and slammed my breaks on and only tapped her. If I wasn't paying attention, texting like I always do usually, I would have hit her going 40mph. Fighter in the hospital!!! I am OK, and my car only has minor scratches, but how ironic is all I can say.

I guess my results will be back Friday, Monday the latest. Let's see what Resolve has done to me... 1.70 to > 5. Let's get some gambling going here. HAHA

Friday, January 23, 2009

Step 3 Day 4 of 4-Day Extension

Yes, you read it right... I just took my FINAL dose of Resolve!!!

I have no more symptoms, but let me mention that I do still have a slight tingle/burn feeling down below. I think I have figured out what it is... thanks to my people in the Hub (techie for one). Well when you detox, your body can release the good bacteria as well as the bad. With this said, you have a chance on getting a yeast infection. When someone does an intense detox, like Resolve, they should consider a Probiotic. I went to Whole Foods after work yesterday and spoke to the guy who works there about it. I told him I am doing a detox and so on and he knew right away what I was talking about and referred a good Probiotic. The kind that I am using is called:

Probiotic Acidophilus by American Health (Blueberry Flavor)

This Probiotic is what someone would use who has Bacteria Vaginosis, which is caused by more bad bacterias than good. When diagnosed in July 08' with HSV2, I was also told that I had that. This Probiotic is like yogurt and has 20 billion organisms per dose (2 tablespoons).

I have taken this last night after dinner, this morning after breakfast, and after dinner tonight. So far I have noticed a big difference. I will continue on for another week just to get my body functioning normally again.

So to sum Step 3 up, here are the symptoms that I had:

1. Severe Diarrhea (up to 6 times per day)
2. Runny nose
3. Extreme nausea
4. Headaches (the first day was the worse headache of my life)
5. Stomach pain (often it would last the entire day)
6. Rash on my top lip (this could have been any toxin or virus leaving my body, or due to the large quantity of mango's that I ate the night before)
7. Bloated (my stomach is like a fat balloon the entire Resolve process)

That is a wrap for Step 3. I am going to test next Tuesday to see what my numbers look like. I will then test again 45 and 90 days from today. Tomorrow I am going to take the day to relax and then will go party at night, that is if I am feeling better. I cannot wait to have a beer again. Step 3 was so bad on my stomach that I have not had a beer at all, and that includes when I was at the bar watching my Eagles play.

I will continue to post updates post Resolve.


Need one of these...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Step 3 Day 2 of 4-Day Extension

Yes you read the title correct... I am doing the 4 day extension. Let me say that I am doing really well. Yesterday I started the 4 day extension and felt a little nauseous, but not as bad as over the weekend. Today, which is day 2 of the 4 day extension, I feel great. My butt even got a break today. I think all of the toxins and virus is out of my body because I only went 2 times today, versus 4-6 prior to today.

My nauseous is gone, and I feel pretty good. I am still really tired though, but that should change once I finish Resolve.

I do want to add that I still have the burny/tingly down below. Someone posted in the Hub today that it could be the minerals killing all of the good bacteria and causing a yeast infection. I sat and thought about it, and I really think this could be what it is. Like I said before, I have no bumps or anything. Someone suggested that I take a green drink and Acidophiles pills. I am going to buy some tomorrow and try it out. Once I buy it, I will post the brand and so forth.

Yesterday I purchased my HSV test from tstd. I am going to get tested next Tuesday the 27th to see where my numbers are. Here is the link and the pin# for my results:
PIN: 734302-6808860

Lastly, let me paste what I posted in the Hub, which will be more technical with what I said yesterday about my area down south shrinking:

OK, let me get technical here. When I first got H, I got a boil on my Labia Minora. That is how I knew that she gave me something. I know right where I was infected, and still to this day I can see the little spot where I was infected. Look at the diagram in this photo:

Sunday my Labia Minora is what shrunk.

That is pretty much it for today. Two more days...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Step 3 Day 14

How upsetting... today was suppose to be my last day on Resolve, and Resolve recommend the 4 day extension. So, another 4 days for me.

Let me post a quick update for yesterday. Yesterday I had the second worse day while on Resolve. After taking my 14 drops at 5ml, I got so sick. I felt extremely nauseous ALL day. Usually it goes away, but not yesterday. The sick feeling lasted all day. It doesn't help that the Eagles loss!!!

Today I feel a lot better, but my stomach still feels sick. I took 16 drops at 5ml today. I still have some minor discomfort down below, but again, no bumps or anything. Not sure what that means, but it has been there since the end of Step 2. My lip is slowly healing. I really think that it is some kind of allergic reaction, or a reaction to something that I am getting to much of. My top lip itches, like an allergic reaction, but it does seem to be going away.

My nose still runs...

I often get these sharp pains in my stomach. I am not sure WTF is up with that, but it is throughout the day. This started yesterday when I started my 14 drops.

I do want to mention one huge change yesterday, well at least it is huge for me... this may sound gross or whatever, but yesterday morning when I went to take a shower, I started to wash down below. Well, I noticed that my area down below seemed like it shrunk. LOL Gosh this sounds so gross, but it was strange. I am a female, and everything looks normal down below, but yesterday morning it is like it shrunk. I wonder what Resolve does to guys!!! LOL But seriously, today it is the same... I was like where is my stuff... where is it hiding... hello, come out come out wherever you are. OK, I am gross I know, but that is a little strange. I wanted to add this to my journal because it could mean something later. Like perhaps I had Herpes (Genital) and now it is gone, so it shrunk. The virus has been removed from my area down south.

Anyway, enough of the nasty talk. I think that was something important to add to my journal. Boy, I hope none of my girlfriends ever read this...

4 More Days!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Step 3 Day 12

My lip looks worse today. It looks like a damn diaper rash on my top lip. It even spread to the right side of my top lip. I really pray that this is not Herpes because I only have HSV2...

This morning and this evening I soaked my lips in some hot salt water. It really seems to help, but it has not gone away yet. It is not that noticeable to others, so if it stays like this, then I can handle it. I am just nervous it will get worse and become some huge massive crusty mess on my lips... how attractive!!! I also bought some stuff for a cold sore that you apply only one time, so I will put that on tonight and see how it looks in the morning.

My tingly is so mild that I forget it is there most of the day. No bumps or blisters or anything gross, just a slight tingle down below that has been there since Step 2.

I canceled my date tonight because I am so self conscious with my lip. That is all I need is for my date to sit there and stare at it all night. How MF embarrassing!!!

I have been debating on whether or not to take the 4 day extension. I know in the back of my mind that I would like to know that I did everything possible to rid myself from this virus, on the other hand, I still get very nauseous with my morning dose. I cannot explain how sick I feel after taking my morning dose. Also going 4-6 times a day is really taking a toll on me. I am so scared of what other symptoms will occur as the dose increases with the 4 day extension. So I decided to email Resolve and see what they say. I will update my Journal tomorrow with what they recommend. I really hope that I do not have to do the 4 day extension, but if they suggest it, I will do whatever possible to become H-Free!

Off to get some rest now...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Step 3 Day 11

My lip still has those tiny little bumps and feels slightly bigger today. It is located where your two lips touch when you close your mouth... right there on my top lip. I went to Whole Foods today and bought some Oil of Oregano. I heard if you put that on your lip, using a Qtip, it would go away pretty fast. More to come on the fat lip issue!!!

I increased to 12 drops at 5ml today and boy did I feel it this morning. I felt extremely nauseous and had a slight headache. I had to sit down for a moment because I was extremely sick... yes of course nothing like the first day of Step 3, but enough to make me sit down for a moment. I ate a few crackers and a Grande coffee with an extra shot of espresso. That helped within 20 minutes or so.

So far today I went to the bathroom 4 times. I need to remind myself to stay hydrated because that sore on my lip could mean that I am dehydrated.

I still have the tingly down below. Not sure why that won't go away, or if it ever will. It could be nerve damage???

My nose is still runny...

Let me end on one positive note here... after work I get this burst of energy. I feel really good and energized. I am sure all the toxins that I have released are making my body feel really good. If Resolve is a scam, it surely is a damn good detox.

Tomorrow I remain at 12 drops, so usually the second day is much better.

3 Days Remain!!! I am considering the 4 day extension.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Step 3 Day 10

Let me post a quick update for yesterday and today.

Yesterday I increased my dose to 10 drops and let me say... I went to the restroom 5 times. Other than that, nothing new to report.

Today I remained on 10 drops and only went twice thus far. I have noticed that on my top lip, on the inside but close to the outside, I have several little tiny bumps. I have never had any sores or anything on my lips, EVER. I only have HSV2, so I am really nervous as to why I have these. I hope that Resolve did not spread this to my lips...

I still have the very slight tingly feeling down below. It has been constant since the end of Step 2. I am not sure why I still have that tingly down below. It is not painful, nor are there any bumps or anything, just a slight little tingle. I have read somewhere that the virus infection site, where the virus enters your body, creates nerve damage on that spot. The tingly is always on that same little spot, so I believe that this is true. The article said that the feeling never goes away because it is the nerve damaged. I wish I could find where I read that because I have been telling people about that, but yet to find them the article that states this.

Anyway, that is all for my updates. Tomorrow I start 12 drops and look forward to lots of "movement." If the tingly remains, I may go ahead and do the 4 day extension just to be safe.

4 More Days... YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Step 3 Day 8

Wait a second... does that say Step 3 Day 8 in the title? Hell MF yes it does... I only have 6 more days left of this crap (yes literally).

Let me state that yesterday I went to the bathroom 6 times. Today, I am on my second day of 8 drops at 3ml and thus far only went 3 times. I think the first day of increasing my dose is when I get weird symptoms. Tomorrow I increase my dose to 10 drops at 5ml. I am anticipating a lot of movement tomorrow with the dose increase.

For those who may not be taking Resolve, let me explain how I mix step 3. First I use a glass, nothing is allowed except glass, and squirt 8 drops in the glass. There is a second solution in which I add 3ml to the glass. I swish the mixture in the glass and let it sit for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, I use Martinelli's Apple Juice. You must only use an all natural, no vitamin C added, juice to the mixture. I swish the concoction and down it. I then chase it with a glass of water. The mixture smells like a swimming pool. It taste like I am drinking bleach mixed with my Apple Juice. It is horrible, but I do not think about it when I take it. I hold my breath and chug it and chase it with a glass of water. It is really no big deal for me, but others complain about the taste.

My symptoms as of today are:

1. Runny Nose (yes, my runny nose is back)
2. Diarrhea
3. Tingly still exist down below
4. Very mild backache and neck pain

I can tell that I am getting immune to Step 3 because each day I feel a little better. My breakouts look great! My ear is doing fine... no more pain. My bloated stomach is almost back to normal. This is probably because everything is running right through me.

Let me state, for those who may have missed it in a previous post, I am finished Resolve on January 20th. I am going to test on January 21st to see where my numbers are after completing Resolve. I have followed the treatment to a T. I have only had HSV 2 since around July 08 and my numbers were really low, 1.70. I never have outbreaks, just a little tingly down below. I think that many people have different strains of the virus and need different strengths of Resolve, or extended doses. I will then take my 90 day post Resolve test as well. I truly believe that Resolve will cure me, but only time will tell.

That is pretty much it for today's update. Six more days...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Step 3 Day 7

Today was the day... after each dose I ran to the restroom. Wow!!! Let me leave it at that.

Nothing else to report today. Just a shitty day, literally!!! LOL

Seven more days and counting!!!

This photo sums it all up...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Step 3 Day 6

Nothing new to report this evening...

My ear is not clogged anymore, but the slight pain still exists. It seems to be healing just fine.

My face is still looking good...

This morning after my first dose I hit the nasty "runny" stage that everyone speaks of. That was the first time that I had to go so quickly since being on Step 3. My second dose I did not have to go at all.

My nose is still runny. My headaches, backaches, and the tingly are all very mild. A big improvement for sure...

That is pretty much it for this weekends update.

GO E-A-G-L-E-S!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Step 3 Day 4

Today was a lot better than the first 3 days of Step 3.

My ear was still clogged this morning and had the same slight pain running from my ear down my neck. I decided to pour some peroxide in my ear and tilted my head to the side for around 5 minutes. The bubbling was really loud! I then took my blow dryer and let the warm air dry my ear canal. I then put more of the warm Garlic oil and a cotton ball in my ear. Around lunch time I removed the cotton ball and my ear was still clogged, and still had the slight pain. I decided to take a nasal decongestant. Around 30 minutes later my ear popped. I could hear again, but it was not 100% clear. I decided to leave the cotton ball out and let my ear air out.

Around 5pm I took a second dose of decongestant. My ear is still unclogged, but the slight pain still remains. I think this is a great sign though. I am going to do the peroxide, blow dryer, and oil treatment again tonight before bed. I am hoping that I will be good to go tomorrow. Saturday night is club night, so I hope the pain goes away.

Besides my ear, today I have been a little itchy down below. I am assuming that this is what is expected while clearing.

My nose still runs and my back hurts. However, my headache is very mild and there is no more nausea.

I have been curious as to why I have not hit the poop stage like others claim that step 3 is all about. I have used the restroom as I normally have since on step 3, so that kind of had me wondering why I am not pooping like everyone else. I never had a poop problem, so I am assuming that since I am normal, that the toxins and virus will come out with my normal poop.

Then tonight I took my second dose of 4 drops at 1ml and I immediately had to go. I know this sounds gross, but it was really fowl smelling. I am glad that I was not at work, or had any company over. LMAO

My face is back to normal. Wow, it looks really good again and I am so happy and confident again. There are two spots that scarred, but hopefully they will fade. My chest looks great, but my back still has a few red bumps. One of my g/f's gave me a massage last night and was asking me why my back is broken out. I just told her it was the detox. She doesn't know that I have HSV2, she just knows that I am doing a detox.

Tomorrow I start 6 drops at 3ml. I am a little worried with my ear infection. I am not sure if it is severe congestion causing the ear infection since the pills are helping. I am curious to see how increasing the doses will affect my ear. It is slowly healing so I really hope that it doesn't trigger more pain as the dosage increases.

So, my ear is the only major side affect right now. The aches and the itchy down below are mild, so I can deal with that, but the ear... ughhhh!!!

38 Days Down, 10 more to go...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Step 3 Day 3 - Dose 1

My headache is not as bad as the first two days. Coffee really helps!!!

As I stated yesterday, I went to Whole Foods and bought some egg whites, feta, and pico de gallo and made a yummie omelet this morning with some whole grain toast and a piece of chicken apple sausage. I will tell you one thing... I know that I have gained a few pounds while on Resolve. I do not typically eat like this, but it made my nauseousness go away today.

The bad news is that my ear hurts really bad. I never had an ear infection, well maybe when I was really young I did.

To provide an update to that oil that I bought from Whole Foods... When I woke up this morning my ear was not clogged, but once I went outside and walked my dog, it clogged back up. I used it again this morning, and let me tell you... I smell like garlic!!! I am Italian, so I guess it is normal. LOL

Anyway, the pain is traveling down my neck and is making it feel like my tooth hurts. I think I have an ear infection, and I hope this sh@t goes away soon!!!

My face is looking really good again, and my chest has cleared up. My back still has some red bumps, but it is slowly clearing.

I have been drinking so much water that I may die of a water overdose. My little stomach is so swollen...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Step 3 Day 2 - Dose 2

What a day... I am only on Day 2 of Step 3 and I am a little worried. I am a fighter, hence the name that I use. However, this is not looking good for me. I thought Step 3 was suppose to be the easy Step. The step that clears out the remaining virus. Well, let me say that this is the WORSE step of the three.

Today was a little better than yesterday, as far as the headaches go. When I woke up this morning, my ear was clogged. The same feeling when you get water in your ear. When I walked outside to walk my dog this morning, my ear unclogged. As soon as I went back into the house, it clogged again. It remained clogged all day!!! If I got a dollar for each time that I said "What did you say" I would have enough to buy that new $300 jacket that I want. =)

So when I went home today, I immediately put a few drops of peroxide in my ear and let it sit for a moment. I then massaged my ear with a cotton ball to rub the peroxide in. I took my blow dryer and let warm heat dry my ear canal. My ear suddenly popped. It actually made me jump because it was loud and it hurt a little bit. Anyway, I was really excited. As soon as I stepped outside it clogged again. Errrrr

So I went to Whole Foods today and bought some egg whites, pico de gallo, and feta cheese. I am going to make an omelet tomorrow morning for breakfast before taking my first Gross, I mean Dose. =) I hate cooking... but it helped with my nauseous feeling today, so I guess I will cook for the next 12 days. That is usually what my woman does, but since it is just me... I will be Betty Crocker for a few.

I also bought this all natural oil for my ear. It is called Mellein Garlic. It contains Calendula flower, St. John's Wort flower, Mullein flower, and Garlic bulb. You warm the oil up and use 1-3 drops per dose. I warmed it up and used 3 drops and tilted my ear so it could drain inside. I then stuck a cotton ball in my ear.

I have slight pain in my ear and it is traveling to my neck, making it feel like I have a tooth ache. I really hope this stuff works.

My headache was not as bad as yesterday, and my nausea was alleviated by eating that huge breakfast.

So I bought a bunch of veggies from Whole Foods for dinner. Their hot food bar is really good... I got home and ate my dinner and drank a bunch of water. I then took my second dose, and so far so good. A slight headache and nausea, ear pain, and back and neck pain. What else could I ask for...

Tomorrow I increase my dose. I am so scared of the symptoms that I will encounter. Resolve has been a breeze for me, so this was truly unexpected. I am a fighter, so I am sure that I will deal with whatever comes along.

Off to bed early since I feel like shit. I guess I will cancel my dates that I setup for Thursday and Saturday. I can only imagine what the increased doses are going to do to me...

Step 3 Day 2 - Dose 1

Update after my 2nd dose yesterday... I had the headache all day yesterday, but after the venti coffee it was not as bad. I ate a large dinner, which is not typical of me, and then took my second dose. I did not get the massive headache, but the slight headache that I had all day remained. Also, my back and neck continued aching all night.

Today I woke up and still had the slight headache. I took my first dose the same way, with an English Muffin and Apple Juice. I know Kim from the Hub said to try with water, but I know Love from the Hub used Apple Juice and she was fine. So I wanted to see if it was the Apple Juice or if the massive headache was from being my first day on Step 3. I did not get the massive headache, but I did feel really nauseous and the slight headache remained.

I have been drinking so much water that I look pregnant!!! It is hard for me to consume so much water being so small. Anyway, I drank a lot more water today than yesterday. Also, I decided to go get a large breakfast, egg white omelet with spinach, feta, and tomatoes, and that helped out with some of the nauseous that I had. I am going to get fat... also I went and got another venti coffee with a shot of Espresso, and that helped loosen the headache.

So as of now, I have a slight headache, nauseous, and my back and neck ache.

Focusing on the positive, my chest, back, and face are clearing up. The breakouts are almost completely gone this morning. Also, my tingly is very slight, which was really aggravating prior to Step 3.

Oh yeah... one more thing... my left ear is totally clogged. It has been clogged since I woke up. It feels like I got water in my ear. hmmmm I wonder if anyone else got this while on Resolve?

Work is a nightmare, so... back to work!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Step 3 Day 1 - Dose 2

I am alive!!! I never had a headache like that before. It lasted all day, but it broke after I drank a venti coffee with a shot of espresso. It still hurt after the coffee, but at least I could go to work and finish my projects that were due.

I just took my second dose after I ate dinner. I am gaining weight eating all these damn meals. I do not eat much and since Resolve, I have to eat 2-3 meals a day. I usually have a muffin and coffee, or something light for breakfast, and then a large late lunch.

Anyway, I await the migraine from hell. Let's see how long before it kicks in this time... hopefully it won't be as bad as the one this morning.

So my symptoms today are: migraine from hell, runny nose, nauseousness, back and neck pain, and very bloated.

Note - The tingly down below is almost gone.

There are two other hubs, thank goodness for copy paste. =)

Off to bed...

Step 3 Day 1 - Dose 1

I took my first dose of Step 3 and I am not sure what to think... my head is going to explode!!! It has been 2 hours since I took it and all I can think of is my head literally exploding, like a Quentin Tarantino movie. I can barely open my eyes because it hurts, and I feel so nauseous. This is only day 1... WTF is this doing to me? hmmmm

I will post again later... I cannot look at the computer screen. I never get headaches like this. I have three projects due today so I cannot miss work. Not sure what to do...

BTW - I mixed two drops with 1ml and used 1/4 cup of All Natural, nothing added, Apple Juice. I ate an english muffin with butter before taking my dose. Not sure if I ate enough or if it is just my body fighting the virus....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day of Rest

Wow... that must be why they call it a day of rest... I feel like I got ran over by a bus. Let me say, that bus driver was an angry b@tch!!! I feel so tired today and my back hurts really bad. I kind of feel drugged. I must be going through withdrawals or something. Let me apologize now if I have typos... I cannot keep my eyes open.

I am finished with Step 2 and boy am I one happy chic. Those stomach pains were not nice, but I tolerated them with no problem.

My face is still a little red, but no large bumps anymore. I cannot wait until my face is the way it was before Resolve. My chest and back are still a little broken out, but not as bad. They seem to be finally clearing.

The symptoms that I still have are:

1. Bloated
2. Minor blemishes (face, scalp, back and chest) but are finally clearing
3. Backache
4. Tingly down below (this has gotten a little better since Saturday)
5. Runny Nose (not as bad anymore)
6. Tired

That is pretty much it for Step 2. I am going to try to get to bed early tonight. I am really busy at work and I have to leave at 5pm to get my tattoo finished.

Step 3 begins tomorrow morning... I hope I do not have to use the bathroom as much as others said. How embarrassing... poo-poo at work!!! GROSS

I am going to take Step 3 with water. I want the full strength to knock this virus out of me. Off to try and get some rest.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Step 2 Day 6

I have been really busy with work the past few days, so I made sure to take a few minutes today and post my updates.

Honestly, Step 2 has been the same the entire time. I mean minutes after taking Step 2 pills, my stomach cramps up. It hurts bad, but I deal with it. My face is still broken out, but not as bad as Step 1. My back, scalp, and chest are also still broken out. Also, as I stated at the end of Step 1, I had the tingly/burny feeling occur... well it is still there. It is really faint, so it is not to bad, but it bothers me.

I have some bad news today... I had sex. This girl has been coming on to me so hard and I have been doing really well pushing her off and trying to wait until cured. However, today she came over and I could not stop it. The good thing is that I have HSV 2 only, so I did not let her touch anywhere near my section below. I lied and said I had my period, so I got to do everything that she was begging for... She was just tested for all STD's, so I know that she is clean.

I guess I will have some haters now...

Tomorrow is my last day on Step 2 and then I start Step 3 on Tuesday. I finish Resolve on January 20th, so I am going to test to see where my numbers are on the 21st. Hey, you never know, I may have a miracle. My numbers for HSV 2 were so low, 1.70, so maybe this will work. I am not getting my hopes up, just curious. I will test again after my 90 post Resolve.

I must tend to my company now...