Friday, January 9, 2009

Step 3 Day 4

Today was a lot better than the first 3 days of Step 3.

My ear was still clogged this morning and had the same slight pain running from my ear down my neck. I decided to pour some peroxide in my ear and tilted my head to the side for around 5 minutes. The bubbling was really loud! I then took my blow dryer and let the warm air dry my ear canal. I then put more of the warm Garlic oil and a cotton ball in my ear. Around lunch time I removed the cotton ball and my ear was still clogged, and still had the slight pain. I decided to take a nasal decongestant. Around 30 minutes later my ear popped. I could hear again, but it was not 100% clear. I decided to leave the cotton ball out and let my ear air out.

Around 5pm I took a second dose of decongestant. My ear is still unclogged, but the slight pain still remains. I think this is a great sign though. I am going to do the peroxide, blow dryer, and oil treatment again tonight before bed. I am hoping that I will be good to go tomorrow. Saturday night is club night, so I hope the pain goes away.

Besides my ear, today I have been a little itchy down below. I am assuming that this is what is expected while clearing.

My nose still runs and my back hurts. However, my headache is very mild and there is no more nausea.

I have been curious as to why I have not hit the poop stage like others claim that step 3 is all about. I have used the restroom as I normally have since on step 3, so that kind of had me wondering why I am not pooping like everyone else. I never had a poop problem, so I am assuming that since I am normal, that the toxins and virus will come out with my normal poop.

Then tonight I took my second dose of 4 drops at 1ml and I immediately had to go. I know this sounds gross, but it was really fowl smelling. I am glad that I was not at work, or had any company over. LMAO

My face is back to normal. Wow, it looks really good again and I am so happy and confident again. There are two spots that scarred, but hopefully they will fade. My chest looks great, but my back still has a few red bumps. One of my g/f's gave me a massage last night and was asking me why my back is broken out. I just told her it was the detox. She doesn't know that I have HSV2, she just knows that I am doing a detox.

Tomorrow I start 6 drops at 3ml. I am a little worried with my ear infection. I am not sure if it is severe congestion causing the ear infection since the pills are helping. I am curious to see how increasing the doses will affect my ear. It is slowly healing so I really hope that it doesn't trigger more pain as the dosage increases.

So, my ear is the only major side affect right now. The aches and the itchy down below are mild, so I can deal with that, but the ear... ughhhh!!!

38 Days Down, 10 more to go...

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