Thursday, January 8, 2009

Step 3 Day 3 - Dose 1

My headache is not as bad as the first two days. Coffee really helps!!!

As I stated yesterday, I went to Whole Foods and bought some egg whites, feta, and pico de gallo and made a yummie omelet this morning with some whole grain toast and a piece of chicken apple sausage. I will tell you one thing... I know that I have gained a few pounds while on Resolve. I do not typically eat like this, but it made my nauseousness go away today.

The bad news is that my ear hurts really bad. I never had an ear infection, well maybe when I was really young I did.

To provide an update to that oil that I bought from Whole Foods... When I woke up this morning my ear was not clogged, but once I went outside and walked my dog, it clogged back up. I used it again this morning, and let me tell you... I smell like garlic!!! I am Italian, so I guess it is normal. LOL

Anyway, the pain is traveling down my neck and is making it feel like my tooth hurts. I think I have an ear infection, and I hope this sh@t goes away soon!!!

My face is looking really good again, and my chest has cleared up. My back still has some red bumps, but it is slowly clearing.

I have been drinking so much water that I may die of a water overdose. My little stomach is so swollen...

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