Thursday, January 15, 2009

Step 3 Day 10

Let me post a quick update for yesterday and today.

Yesterday I increased my dose to 10 drops and let me say... I went to the restroom 5 times. Other than that, nothing new to report.

Today I remained on 10 drops and only went twice thus far. I have noticed that on my top lip, on the inside but close to the outside, I have several little tiny bumps. I have never had any sores or anything on my lips, EVER. I only have HSV2, so I am really nervous as to why I have these. I hope that Resolve did not spread this to my lips...

I still have the very slight tingly feeling down below. It has been constant since the end of Step 2. I am not sure why I still have that tingly down below. It is not painful, nor are there any bumps or anything, just a slight little tingle. I have read somewhere that the virus infection site, where the virus enters your body, creates nerve damage on that spot. The tingly is always on that same little spot, so I believe that this is true. The article said that the feeling never goes away because it is the nerve damaged. I wish I could find where I read that because I have been telling people about that, but yet to find them the article that states this.

Anyway, that is all for my updates. Tomorrow I start 12 drops and look forward to lots of "movement." If the tingly remains, I may go ahead and do the 4 day extension just to be safe.

4 More Days... YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!

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AbJ said...

Well, I really hopes this works out for you.
And if it doesn't, I'm sure you'll be able to get a lawyer and sue the Hell outta them since you have evidence that you've followed the directions to a "T".
Good luck.