Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Days Post Resolve

Well, my tests came back this morning... good news is that Resolve did not spread. I did not have HSV1 before Resolve, and I do not have HSV1 now. I was so worried about Resolve spreading H, especially after that rash on my lips. Also, I have been doing a lot of kissing lately, so I am relieved that I do not have HSV1.

The bad news is that I still have HSV2, which was expected. My numbers did not go over 5, which is good, I guess. We are still unsure of how the antibodies test works, so I guess that is good. I originally tested in October at 1.70 for HSV2, and today a week after Resolve my number is 2.41.

I feel a little depressed, but I expected that I would test Positive since it has only been a week post Resolve. I guess I had a little hope deep inside that I was cured already. I still have the tingle, and I am not sure if it is a damaged nerve... I hope Resolve is not a scam.

I will test again 45 days post Resolve. Pin#734302-6808860

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canada said...

Hey just wondering something. You mention that you are pleased that you didn't get HSV1 because of Resolve. But you can get HSV1 or 2 in either orally or on your genitally, they just have different levels of activity depending on the site of infection. So it is possible to get HSV 2 orally, but it is likely you would have only an initial outbreak, then it would go into remission. I also understand that after initial infection, the body produces enough antibodies to prevent any further infection sites from developing. So why would you think you contracted HSV1 orally?