Monday, February 9, 2009

17 Days Post Resolve

Sorry that I have not posted in a while, I have been a little emotional the past few days dealing with having HSV2. I guess it never hit me until I tested POSITIVE again the other day. I know that the test was right after Step 3, but I guess I had a little faith that since my numbers were originally low that maybe it was a false positive.

Last week I had another rash on my top lip. This was the second time that I had this same rash on my top lip, and each time was after eating a Mango the night before. Techie did some research and I followed up with what she provided me with and it turns out that the Mango's skin is in the same family as Poison. I was highly allergic to Poison when I was little. I remember I had it so bad one time that I couldn't walk. I had it between my thighs and all over my forearms. After reading this article, and there are many others out there, I was surprised to know that I am allergic to the one fruit that I love. I never ate fresh Mango's before. I usually get it in a drink format. These two instances were the first time that I ever ate fresh Mangos. In brief, anyone allergic to poison should avoid Mangos. Here are two interesting articles if your curious:

So besides the rash, and let me say that I am so happy that I know what is causing it, I am doing OK. I still have the minor tingle. I will say that each day the tingle fades. I really hope that this means that the nerve damage from the site of infection is being repaired, so Resolve told me.

I have started back with martial arts, and have been jogging a lot. I am trying to get my body back into shape and pray that Resolve cures me. As I stated earlier, I have been an emotional wreck lately, which is so not like me. It is so hard to try to not let H define me and live a normal life, but in reality, how can you date and try to live a normal life when you know that you cannot have sex with the person. It seems like a waste of time to me. I had to breakup with a really nice girl last night, I just met her and really started to like her, but she wanted to have sex and what am I suppose to do? I had to play the role of I want to wait until the right time. Well, sorry to say, some people find that rather annoying. I ended it with her because I do not want to deal with finding new excuses everyday.

Anyway, that is pretty much it for my updates. Just hoping the tingle goes away and my life returns to normal. I have truly grown up since having H...


canada said...

Know the feeling. Seeing a woman right now who is trying to come to terms with the H question. Not sure how it is going to go... When she asked me about std's I just laid it out there. What else can you really do?

What martial arts do you practice?

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat fighter, don't feel alone.