Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Days Post Resolve

Just stopping by to update my journal now that I am 25 days post Resolve. My tingly is gone!!! I can still feel where the tingle was, but it is not tingling anymore... if that makes any sense. I am hoping that in another week or so I will not be able to tell where the tingle once was. This is great news, because I had that continuous tingle for months. If you follow my journal you will know that I believe it was nerve damage where I was infected with HSV. I emailed Resolve about it and they believe the same thing.

The rash on my top lip must have been the Mango allergic reaction because it went away and I have not had any issues thus far. No more Mango's for me!!!

I feel great... No symptoms at all!!!

I want to mention that someone who tested 90 days post Resolve just took her blood test and she is now NEGATIVE... this is major news!!! I am so excited for her and now have hope. Here is her Pin in case your curious:

Pin Number: 442192-9245558

I will continue to update my progress as necessary, or if anything new occurs. I will be taking a 45 day post Resolve test on March 9th, and then again 90 days post Resolve.


Wondering said...

so you are currently on the mineral 48 day detox? I wish you the best. I have been trying to figure out if this is for real or not? You know because all the doctors say there is no cure. I haven't asked my doctor about this yet. But if you have any information for me please let me know .

Fighter said...

I took this detox and have finished it a few weeks ago. http://www.resolveherpes.com/ You are suppose to wait 90 days after completing the detox for your HSV antibodies to clear from your body. Someone just finished the detox and after 90 days she tested NEGATIVE. You can follow her Blog if you would like, and even see her test results online. http://herpesresolve.blogspot.com/ Let me know what questions you have and I will be happy to answer them for you. I am praying I will be Negative soon!!!

Wondering said...

Have you spoken to any Doctors about this? It just blows my mind that if this is true why are they not broadcasting all over place, because I know there is a huge number of people who are suffering with this. Have you done any research about this?

Faithful-4-A-Cure (Brit) said...

Hi.. i just found your blog today and i think you're funny and very courageous.. i decided to go ahead and order resolve.. i pray that this is really a cure.. i'm praying for you, me and everybody that has this virus.. i guess that includes that b**** a$$ dude that gave it to me, but whatever lol. forgive and forget, and hopefully we will all be cured.. looking forward to your results!! GOOD LUCK!!

FaithRN said...


Would love to keep in touch with you but can't keep up with the hubs anymore...you don't have to post this but my email is faithrn2009@yahoo.com Hit me up lady