Thursday, February 26, 2009

34 Days Post Resolve

I have been neglecting my journal...

Work is finally busy, and my personal life is filling up quick. It is hard to juggle my time... *evil smile

I have been doing well lately. The tingle comes and goes. I had the tingle yesterday, and today it went away. I know that LOVE, who tested NEGATIVE after using Resolve said that she had the tingles even after completing Resolve. She woke up on the 41st day and noticed that the tingles were gone... they never came back. I am praying that this is the case for me. I have several ladies lined up... but I do want to be clear that I have learned my lesson!!!

So, besides the occasional tingle, I am doing well. I do want to point something out, which may have nothing to do with Resolve. This week was my first period since Resolve. I had it the very last week of Resolve, but this is my first true period since. I had the worse cramps ever!!! I was so exhausted and moody 2 weeks before my period, and that lasted until the second day after I started. I have never experienced a period like that before. I hope this does not continue going forward.

If my tingle goes away for multiple days at a time, I will be testing on March 9th, which is 45 days post Resolve. I will then test again 90 days post Resolve, whether I test POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.

I hope everyone is doing well. I truly believe that Resolve will work if you have had HSV less than a year.


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