Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Step 3 Day 8

Wait a second... does that say Step 3 Day 8 in the title? Hell MF yes it does... I only have 6 more days left of this crap (yes literally).

Let me state that yesterday I went to the bathroom 6 times. Today, I am on my second day of 8 drops at 3ml and thus far only went 3 times. I think the first day of increasing my dose is when I get weird symptoms. Tomorrow I increase my dose to 10 drops at 5ml. I am anticipating a lot of movement tomorrow with the dose increase.

For those who may not be taking Resolve, let me explain how I mix step 3. First I use a glass, nothing is allowed except glass, and squirt 8 drops in the glass. There is a second solution in which I add 3ml to the glass. I swish the mixture in the glass and let it sit for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, I use Martinelli's Apple Juice. You must only use an all natural, no vitamin C added, juice to the mixture. I swish the concoction and down it. I then chase it with a glass of water. The mixture smells like a swimming pool. It taste like I am drinking bleach mixed with my Apple Juice. It is horrible, but I do not think about it when I take it. I hold my breath and chug it and chase it with a glass of water. It is really no big deal for me, but others complain about the taste.

My symptoms as of today are:

1. Runny Nose (yes, my runny nose is back)
2. Diarrhea
3. Tingly still exist down below
4. Very mild backache and neck pain

I can tell that I am getting immune to Step 3 because each day I feel a little better. My breakouts look great! My ear is doing fine... no more pain. My bloated stomach is almost back to normal. This is probably because everything is running right through me.

Let me state, for those who may have missed it in a previous post, I am finished Resolve on January 20th. I am going to test on January 21st to see where my numbers are after completing Resolve. I have followed the treatment to a T. I have only had HSV 2 since around July 08 and my numbers were really low, 1.70. I never have outbreaks, just a little tingly down below. I think that many people have different strains of the virus and need different strengths of Resolve, or extended doses. I will then take my 90 day post Resolve test as well. I truly believe that Resolve will cure me, but only time will tell.

That is pretty much it for today's update. Six more days...


New Beginnings said...

I too am beginning to feel the same as your post on the hub. Such a shame, because I have remained positive up until today.

Anonymous said...

awesome! I too followed the instructions to a t.....we shall see though...