Friday, January 16, 2009

Step 3 Day 11

My lip still has those tiny little bumps and feels slightly bigger today. It is located where your two lips touch when you close your mouth... right there on my top lip. I went to Whole Foods today and bought some Oil of Oregano. I heard if you put that on your lip, using a Qtip, it would go away pretty fast. More to come on the fat lip issue!!!

I increased to 12 drops at 5ml today and boy did I feel it this morning. I felt extremely nauseous and had a slight headache. I had to sit down for a moment because I was extremely sick... yes of course nothing like the first day of Step 3, but enough to make me sit down for a moment. I ate a few crackers and a Grande coffee with an extra shot of espresso. That helped within 20 minutes or so.

So far today I went to the bathroom 4 times. I need to remind myself to stay hydrated because that sore on my lip could mean that I am dehydrated.

I still have the tingly down below. Not sure why that won't go away, or if it ever will. It could be nerve damage???

My nose is still runny...

Let me end on one positive note here... after work I get this burst of energy. I feel really good and energized. I am sure all the toxins that I have released are making my body feel really good. If Resolve is a scam, it surely is a damn good detox.

Tomorrow I remain at 12 drops, so usually the second day is much better.

3 Days Remain!!! I am considering the 4 day extension.

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