Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 Days Post Resolve

Anyone miss me? LOL

Well, nothing new to report. My body is beginning to adjust to no more Resolve. I still have a slight runny nose, but that could be because it is winter time. I still get slight headaches here and there, but nothing major. No more nausea, yeahhh!!!

I still have that tingle on the spot where I was infected with H. It never goes away, since I was infected. I think it is nerve damage, but I am not 100% sure. I never get any bumps or blisters or anything. When I was infected with H I got a boil. The only OB I ever had was then. I can see a little spot where the boil was. That spot is where I get a constant tingle. Wish I could fix that. Maybe I still have H and Resolve did not work, or maybe it is just nerve damage.

Other than that... nothing new to report. I do want to share my ironic experience today...

I decided to test this afternoon to see where my numbers are after completing Resolve. As I said a million time, I was just infected with HSV2 around July 08' and tested at 1.70. I am expecting my number to be > 5, but am curious what Resolve did to me. We are all still not 100% sure how the antibody test works, but all agree it will most likely be > 5. With this said, I never been to this test center before, but I know around about where it is located.

So, I arrive at the test center and my heart starts pounding.. how MF ironic, it is at the same place where the girl who infected me works at. The building is huge, but she works in the same building. For one, how ironic that I am testing for H and it is where she works... the girl who infected me. For two, what memories there, picking her up for lunch and stuff.

Moving on, so it gets even more uncomfortable for me. When I scheduled the appointment with tstd you have to give a name, but it can be any name. So, Fighter decided... let me use that ^#%&%#*&@ name since she infected me. Oh yes, I get in the building and give her my ex g/f's name who works in the same building. My heart is pounding as I hope that the lady does not know my ex g/f. LOL So the lady says wow that is a really pretty name. I am thinking errrrr just test me dammit. I hate the girl who infected me, so shut up with telling me how pretty her name is. Then she goes on to tell me she is 4 months pregnant and is going to name her baby the same name. ROFLMAO

OK, so I test... yes Techie I tested dammit!!! As I finish testing I run out of the building making sure I do not run into my ex g/f. If I did, I dunno what I would do. Much anger!!!

So, I am driving to work, and I have so many projects due, so I do not have time for anything but to get to work. Someone above was trying to tell me something today... yes, some *&*&%$ runs a red light and hits me. Luckily I was paying attention and slammed my breaks on and only tapped her. If I wasn't paying attention, texting like I always do usually, I would have hit her going 40mph. Fighter in the hospital!!! I am OK, and my car only has minor scratches, but how ironic is all I can say.

I guess my results will be back Friday, Monday the latest. Let's see what Resolve has done to me... 1.70 to > 5. Let's get some gambling going here. HAHA


canada said...

Well I'd put up a $ you're >5, but that's only because I understand it takes up to 90 days for the antibodies to clear.

Too funny about the GF.

And be careful out there! You may have to send me my winnings! :o)

Anonymous said...

that's wild, you using your ex's name and the lady telling you she's naming her baby the same name...