Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Step 3 Day 2 - Dose 1

Update after my 2nd dose yesterday... I had the headache all day yesterday, but after the venti coffee it was not as bad. I ate a large dinner, which is not typical of me, and then took my second dose. I did not get the massive headache, but the slight headache that I had all day remained. Also, my back and neck continued aching all night.

Today I woke up and still had the slight headache. I took my first dose the same way, with an English Muffin and Apple Juice. I know Kim from the Hub said to try with water, but I know Love from the Hub used Apple Juice and she was fine. So I wanted to see if it was the Apple Juice or if the massive headache was from being my first day on Step 3. I did not get the massive headache, but I did feel really nauseous and the slight headache remained.

I have been drinking so much water that I look pregnant!!! It is hard for me to consume so much water being so small. Anyway, I drank a lot more water today than yesterday. Also, I decided to go get a large breakfast, egg white omelet with spinach, feta, and tomatoes, and that helped out with some of the nauseous that I had. I am going to get fat... also I went and got another venti coffee with a shot of Espresso, and that helped loosen the headache.

So as of now, I have a slight headache, nauseous, and my back and neck ache.

Focusing on the positive, my chest, back, and face are clearing up. The breakouts are almost completely gone this morning. Also, my tingly is very slight, which was really aggravating prior to Step 3.

Oh yeah... one more thing... my left ear is totally clogged. It has been clogged since I woke up. It feels like I got water in my ear. hmmmm I wonder if anyone else got this while on Resolve?

Work is a nightmare, so... back to work!!!


Anonymous said...

all that sounds so inspiring, can't wait to get started on step 3 ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I felt like my ear had a bubble in it/clogged when i began step 3 too.