Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Step 3 Day 2 - Dose 2

What a day... I am only on Day 2 of Step 3 and I am a little worried. I am a fighter, hence the name that I use. However, this is not looking good for me. I thought Step 3 was suppose to be the easy Step. The step that clears out the remaining virus. Well, let me say that this is the WORSE step of the three.

Today was a little better than yesterday, as far as the headaches go. When I woke up this morning, my ear was clogged. The same feeling when you get water in your ear. When I walked outside to walk my dog this morning, my ear unclogged. As soon as I went back into the house, it clogged again. It remained clogged all day!!! If I got a dollar for each time that I said "What did you say" I would have enough to buy that new $300 jacket that I want. =)

So when I went home today, I immediately put a few drops of peroxide in my ear and let it sit for a moment. I then massaged my ear with a cotton ball to rub the peroxide in. I took my blow dryer and let warm heat dry my ear canal. My ear suddenly popped. It actually made me jump because it was loud and it hurt a little bit. Anyway, I was really excited. As soon as I stepped outside it clogged again. Errrrr

So I went to Whole Foods today and bought some egg whites, pico de gallo, and feta cheese. I am going to make an omelet tomorrow morning for breakfast before taking my first Gross, I mean Dose. =) I hate cooking... but it helped with my nauseous feeling today, so I guess I will cook for the next 12 days. That is usually what my woman does, but since it is just me... I will be Betty Crocker for a few.

I also bought this all natural oil for my ear. It is called Mellein Garlic. It contains Calendula flower, St. John's Wort flower, Mullein flower, and Garlic bulb. You warm the oil up and use 1-3 drops per dose. I warmed it up and used 3 drops and tilted my ear so it could drain inside. I then stuck a cotton ball in my ear.

I have slight pain in my ear and it is traveling to my neck, making it feel like I have a tooth ache. I really hope this stuff works.

My headache was not as bad as yesterday, and my nausea was alleviated by eating that huge breakfast.

So I bought a bunch of veggies from Whole Foods for dinner. Their hot food bar is really good... I got home and ate my dinner and drank a bunch of water. I then took my second dose, and so far so good. A slight headache and nausea, ear pain, and back and neck pain. What else could I ask for...

Tomorrow I increase my dose. I am so scared of the symptoms that I will encounter. Resolve has been a breeze for me, so this was truly unexpected. I am a fighter, so I am sure that I will deal with whatever comes along.

Off to bed early since I feel like shit. I guess I will cancel my dates that I setup for Thursday and Saturday. I can only imagine what the increased doses are going to do to me...


New Beginnings said...

I can remember taking step three and feeling the same way you feel. I got nervous every time I upped the dose wondering what was going to happen. I can remember my ear being a little clogged on step three....and sometimes things would go right threw me....and tired, I remembering being tired.

Fighter said...

Did your ear remain clogged like mine? It is still clogged today. It hurts too.

Anonymous said...

work it out!