Monday, January 5, 2009

Day of Rest

Wow... that must be why they call it a day of rest... I feel like I got ran over by a bus. Let me say, that bus driver was an angry b@tch!!! I feel so tired today and my back hurts really bad. I kind of feel drugged. I must be going through withdrawals or something. Let me apologize now if I have typos... I cannot keep my eyes open.

I am finished with Step 2 and boy am I one happy chic. Those stomach pains were not nice, but I tolerated them with no problem.

My face is still a little red, but no large bumps anymore. I cannot wait until my face is the way it was before Resolve. My chest and back are still a little broken out, but not as bad. They seem to be finally clearing.

The symptoms that I still have are:

1. Bloated
2. Minor blemishes (face, scalp, back and chest) but are finally clearing
3. Backache
4. Tingly down below (this has gotten a little better since Saturday)
5. Runny Nose (not as bad anymore)
6. Tired

That is pretty much it for Step 2. I am going to try to get to bed early tonight. I am really busy at work and I have to leave at 5pm to get my tattoo finished.

Step 3 begins tomorrow morning... I hope I do not have to use the bathroom as much as others said. How embarrassing... poo-poo at work!!! GROSS

I am going to take Step 3 with water. I want the full strength to knock this virus out of me. Off to try and get some rest.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck...we better not get outbreaks again after all this crap we're feeling ha! ha!