Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Step 3 Day 2 of 4-Day Extension

Yes you read the title correct... I am doing the 4 day extension. Let me say that I am doing really well. Yesterday I started the 4 day extension and felt a little nauseous, but not as bad as over the weekend. Today, which is day 2 of the 4 day extension, I feel great. My butt even got a break today. I think all of the toxins and virus is out of my body because I only went 2 times today, versus 4-6 prior to today.

My nauseous is gone, and I feel pretty good. I am still really tired though, but that should change once I finish Resolve.

I do want to add that I still have the burny/tingly down below. Someone posted in the Hub today that it could be the minerals killing all of the good bacteria and causing a yeast infection. I sat and thought about it, and I really think this could be what it is. Like I said before, I have no bumps or anything. Someone suggested that I take a green drink and Acidophiles pills. I am going to buy some tomorrow and try it out. Once I buy it, I will post the brand and so forth.

Yesterday I purchased my HSV test from tstd. I am going to get tested next Tuesday the 27th to see where my numbers are. Here is the link and the pin# for my results:
PIN: 734302-6808860

Lastly, let me paste what I posted in the Hub, which will be more technical with what I said yesterday about my area down south shrinking:

OK, let me get technical here. When I first got H, I got a boil on my Labia Minora. That is how I knew that she gave me something. I know right where I was infected, and still to this day I can see the little spot where I was infected. Look at the diagram in this photo:

Sunday my Labia Minora is what shrunk.

That is pretty much it for today. Two more days...

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Anonymous said...

interesting...I'm extending the program too because of the outbreak I got when I ate chocolate. I'm not sure Resolve is going to work for me but we'll see.....