Monday, January 19, 2009

Step 3 Day 14

How upsetting... today was suppose to be my last day on Resolve, and Resolve recommend the 4 day extension. So, another 4 days for me.

Let me post a quick update for yesterday. Yesterday I had the second worse day while on Resolve. After taking my 14 drops at 5ml, I got so sick. I felt extremely nauseous ALL day. Usually it goes away, but not yesterday. The sick feeling lasted all day. It doesn't help that the Eagles loss!!!

Today I feel a lot better, but my stomach still feels sick. I took 16 drops at 5ml today. I still have some minor discomfort down below, but again, no bumps or anything. Not sure what that means, but it has been there since the end of Step 2. My lip is slowly healing. I really think that it is some kind of allergic reaction, or a reaction to something that I am getting to much of. My top lip itches, like an allergic reaction, but it does seem to be going away.

My nose still runs...

I often get these sharp pains in my stomach. I am not sure WTF is up with that, but it is throughout the day. This started yesterday when I started my 14 drops.

I do want to mention one huge change yesterday, well at least it is huge for me... this may sound gross or whatever, but yesterday morning when I went to take a shower, I started to wash down below. Well, I noticed that my area down below seemed like it shrunk. LOL Gosh this sounds so gross, but it was strange. I am a female, and everything looks normal down below, but yesterday morning it is like it shrunk. I wonder what Resolve does to guys!!! LOL But seriously, today it is the same... I was like where is my stuff... where is it hiding... hello, come out come out wherever you are. OK, I am gross I know, but that is a little strange. I wanted to add this to my journal because it could mean something later. Like perhaps I had Herpes (Genital) and now it is gone, so it shrunk. The virus has been removed from my area down south.

Anyway, enough of the nasty talk. I think that was something important to add to my journal. Boy, I hope none of my girlfriends ever read this...

4 More Days!!!

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