Wednesday, March 25, 2009

61 Days Post Resolve

I wanted to post today to let everyone know that I am going to wait it out to test. My 90 days post Resolve is on April 23rd. There is really no urgency to test right now, and with the 23rd only 29 days away, I figured that I might as well wait it out. Sorry if I disappointed anyone, but hey... the 23rd is right around the corner.

There is nothing new to report. I want to mention one thing... this may be nothing, but every so often I get a little discomfort down below. The tingle is still gone from the last time that I posted that it was gone. However, every now and then I do get a little discomfort, like a burny. I dunno... maybe it is the remaining dead virus or maybe it is nothing to do with H. I guess on April 23rd we will find out. Other than that... nothing new to report. No tingles!!!

I am taking a few days off of work to relax and spend some time with a "friend" of mine who is coming into town on Friday. I am so nervous... but this time I do not have to lie about my cycle, because I am suppose to start today or tomorrow. LOL No need to lie this time... HAHA She is staying with me until Tuesday, so it ought to be an interesting next few days for me. Especially since I only have one bed in my condo. (innocent smile) Of course, she does not know that I have H. I am praying that on the 23rd I am H free and in this case there is no need to tell anyone.

That is it for today...


New Beginnings aka Love said...

Hey girl...wanted to stop by and let you know it was just the normal vaginal Nothing really bad, just a small itching sensation. How are you feeling...everything going well downstairs?

New Beginnings aka Love said...

Just stopping by before I head south to see how you are doing? Anything going on down stairs? How is the burning and itching going? Can't wait for you to take your blood test. Hope everything is going well...sending my love and prayers for you. ::hugs::