Tuesday, March 10, 2009

46 Days Post Resolve

Nothing new to report on my 46th day Post Resolve. The tingle is very minimal today. It comes and goes now. I guess that is better than the constant tingle. Some days I wake up and I am so excited that the tingle is gone, and then it tricks me. Wish I could put my boxing gloves on and battle it out in the ring with H. Currently, the tingle is gone... let's see if it comes back later today.

As I stated before, I want to test so bad right now, but I want to wait until I get a few days tingle free. I hope that the tingle completely goes away so that I can test by the end of the month (the latest). I know that I said that I will test 45 and 90 days post Resolve, but I believe there is no sense in getting my hopes up when the tingle still exists. I emailed Resolve yesterday to give them an update, and to see their thoughts on my tingle, and they still believe that it is the dead virus leaving my body. They do not recommend more treatment, and want me to give it a little more time for the tingle to go away. They did say that I could be cured now and if I want to take a blood test that I could, but they recommend me waiting a little longer before testing again. I will add something... I got a response from Resolve within an hour or two. They are always very polite and even told me that if I feel comfortable taking an extended detox, that they would send it my way, but they do not think that I need any additional minerals.

I am so eager to test NEGATIVE. This "friend" of mine, whom I am highly attracted to, is coming to stay at my place for a few nights. She flies to my location the end of this month, so I have been extremely nervous about the entire situation. I already know what will happen, and if I do not test NEGATIVE by the end of the month... I dunno what I am going to do. I guess I will have to use the "My Cycle" trick on her. BTW - We had an STD talk, and she was recently tested and has not had sex in a really long time, so I know that she is clean. How embarrassing talking about Chris Brown/Rihanna and Herpes, and yet I know that I have it myself. I guess I will leave it at that... how exciting it would be to test NEGATIVE right before she comes. Hmmmmmm OK, let me get my head back onto "work" things...

This is me as a baby (j/k of course)... LOL



FaithRN said...

Fighter, I am so eager for you to test negative also! I'm in the same tingly boat as you unfortunately. My tingles are kinda all over down there...I never know where/when one will pop up....I'll no longer be posting on the hubs or hanging around there. I don't know if I will continue my blog either. The negativity has driven me insane. I feel like all I do is obsess about this and it's doing nothing to help me in the healing process. Like attracts like if you know what I mean. Well I hope to hear good results from you soon. You know where to find me. ;)

New Beginnings aka Love said...

Hang in there girl...your day is coming

pink unicorn said...

Fighter, when you say you have the tingles, do they feel like the itchies? To me they are the same. I am just finishing up the resolve and am doing the extended treatment (still getting breakouts). Let me know. Thanks