Wednesday, March 4, 2009

40 Days Post Resolve

40 Days Post Resolve... the more days pass, the more afraid I become. My tingles went away for 3 days, but I can still feel where they were. I guess this means that they are not completely gone. Love, who recently tested Negative for HSV after 90 days post Resolve, woke up on her 41st day and her tingles were gone... they never came back. Tomorrow is my 41st day, so let me pray that my tingles are completely gone as well.

Other than the tingles, nothing new to report. I am working hard to get my immune system back to normal. Ever since being diagnosed with HSV2, I get sick easy. I am a huge germ-a-phob so I am always washing my hands and using hand sanitizer on top of the soap and water, but somehow I manage to get sick whenever a cold is going around in the office. As I stated in a previous post, I am taking a multi vitamin, Greens, and a Probiotic, but for a week straight I had stomach pains so I stopped taking them. I am going to start taking them again and see if it was that combination causing the pains, or if it was a coincidence. I must get my immune system stronger than ever...

Monday is my 45 day mark, but as long as the tingles remain, I will not test. I know that I said that I will test on my 45 day mark, but I do not want to test if the tingles still exist. Once they are gone for days at a time, I will test. I will then test again 90 days post Resolve.

I guess I will close this journal entry with saying that I had the STD talk with a girl that I am kind of seeing. I have not, and refuse, to let anyone touch me down below, but I want to continue dating. Some people may think that it is a waste of time, but for me I have faith that I will be cured very soon, and I guess I am staying on top of my game... just in case. I will not let H define me!!!


Anonymous said...

good for you! don't let it define you.

IT can BE done IN 2009 said...

Hey Fighter, you will get there eventually. I love how H can't get its grips on you, just keep it up. I feel a little embarrassed saying this but… we’re all here to share things to help each other out so here it goes. I devoted a night to read every post you have ever made and in doing so I read how you have a sex drive like quagmire from Family Guy. Haha (love that show) Anyways…. When I read that, I had to float this song your way… I just hope it doesn’t get you in trouble! When it opens, click the HD button next to the volume button, it gives you better sound quality and picture. Enjoy!