Friday, March 20, 2009

56 Days Post Resolve

Nothing new to report today, and still tingle-free!!!

I am considering testing on Monday, but I am still indecisive. April 23rd is my 90 days post Resolve, so I may wait it out. I will sleep on it this weekend, and if I decide to test, it will be on Monday.

I have a "friend" coming to stay with me next Friday, so it would be nice to know where I stand 56 days post Resolve. I dunno... maybe I will just wait. Decisions...


Anonymous said...

Stalking you now- had to know that you were doing ok. And you know I encourage you to test on Monday. I would love to see where them numbers are.

New Beginnings aka Love said...

Testing now is a very hard decision...I thought about it at your point too. If you can afford it or have the insurance to do it, it would be nice to hear if you are good or not. :)
As for me, I am feeling well. Still having a hard time processing that this is