Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Excited to Get Started

I have created this Blog, which I consider my journal, to track my progress throughout the Resolve Herpes detox treatment.

I am a lesbian and was "lucky" enough to sleep with someone who clearly knew they had Herpes yet decided to not inform me beforehand. I have dated this woman off and on for 10 years. We met when I was 18 years old, and always thought we were soul mates and would end up together. I guess this is the fairy tale that I never would have imagined! My friends always told me that she was my poison, but I never thought it was meant literally.

I am moving on with my life, yes without her, and have come across Resolve Herpes via Google. I just found out in October 08' that I have Herpes (genital) and have been afraid to date since then.

I am a Libra, so we love to date amongst other things... so this is clearly a test for me.

Before I found out that I have Herpes, I was playing the field (since my "poison" and I split up) and was dating roughly 5 different women (no not sexually, just dating). Once I found out that I have Herpes, I cut my ties with all of them. I seem to be the one hated at the moment, but I can not take a chance of being in the heat of the moment and doing something that I regret. Something that I hate someone else for doing to me. Hey if this works maybe we can pickup where we left off. LOL J/K

Please Resolve Herpes HELPPPPPP... I must have sex again. It's only been a month, but I am in need. LOL

I probably just ran everyone off my page, but I am being real about this. We all love sex, and I am being open and honest here on my lovely journal.

Moving on...
I should be getting my Resolve Herpes any day now. I am really worried about the facial breakouts that I have heard this treatment causes. I care a great deal about my appearance, so that is my biggest concern... besides it not working.

As soon as I get my package I will begin my long journey and will post my progress daily. I hope to share this journey with each of you.

Wish me luck... if all fails, maybe we can setup a dating site. LOL I am just kidding... I hope I am not offending anyone, it is not even day one yet.

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