Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blood Drawn... The Wait Begins

I took the Western Blot and the IgG tests today. The PCR via Blood came up Negative, so this is a good way to see whether the PCR is accurate or not.

My Gyno is still not sure how the PCR via Blood works, and says she has no clue how they could test for the virus through blood. She claims that the virus never enters the blood, even when it is shedding, so she does not understand how that test works, via Blood. If anyone has any accurate info on how the PCR via Blood detects HSV, please send me that info.

As soon as I hear something, whether good or bad, I will be posting my results.

For the person who asked me if they could email me, here is my email address:

If the two Antibody tests come back Positive, do I truly have HSV, or should I go by the PCR test, which supposedly detects the actual virus? When HSV is cured, what happens to the Antibodies? Do they really die off, or will they always remain in our bodies? I hate that I am relying on such tests to determine if I actually have the virus.

Wish me luck...


spontaneuos_me2009 said...

Good luck fighter!!! I too have HSV2 and I am on my last day of 10ml for Resolve. You are giving me hope, thank you for keeping this blog :-) Hope everything comes back negative. How have you been feeling? Do you still feel the tingling and what not periodically?

spontaneuos_me2009 said...

How long is the wait for these tests?

josh said...

im interested to hear about your results, being that im looking into purchasing the resolve detox kit. i got my test results back today and the were positive for HSV2 and im kinda freaking out. thanks for keeping this blog.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. I look forward to your future posts. I am on my 90 day countdown and would welcome any good news to lift my spirits.