Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tons of Questions Coming In...

Before I begin to answer any questions, I want to post that I picked up my test results this afternoon and will scan them later tonight. Look for my test results later this evening. I am still waiting on my Western Blot result.

I have received numerous emails containing questions that people have, so here is my attempt at answering them. Please note that I am not a doctor, nor do I work for Resolve. I am giving "My Opinion" on Resolve and Herpes.

OK, here it goes:

1. In your last post, you said that Resolve works best on people who have been infected for shorter periods of time. I was wondering how you know this, since I'm now thinking Resolve won't work for me since I've been infected for a long time. Did the Resolve people tell you this or do you know someone with an old infection that tried Resolve without good results?

I guess I should have been more clear in what I stated in my last post. Please remember that I am not a doctor, nor do I work for Resolve. For those who do not know, there is a Herpes Hub http://hubpages.com/hub/Herpes_Cure where you can meet other Herpes Sufferers who not only have taken Resolve, but have taken other approaches to curing themselves. My statement was based off other people that I met from the Hub. It "seems" as though the people who are cured on the first try have not had Herpes long. In my opinion, I think that Resolve can cure people who have had Herpes for a longer period, but I think that it takes more than one treatment.

Some people on the Hub who had Herpes for a longer period have taken additional doses of Resolve, which Resolve calls Booster treatments. Some people completed the Booster and have still tested Positive.

I also think that Resolve works best on someone with a strong immune system. In order to fight the virus, you must have a strong immune system. I also believe that some people need a stronger dose of Resolve, or to take it for a longer period of time. I think that this is based off your weight and how long you have had Herpes.

Again, this is just my personal opinion. I do think that Resolve will work for people who have had it for a long period, but I think it may take them longer to be cured. I know that Resolve has altered their formula, so perhaps that is what is needed for those long term sufferers.

I will also add that if you test Positive after waiting your 90 days post Resolve, Resolve will work with you until you test Negative. Some people chose to continue on with Resolve after testing Positive, and some believe that Resolve will not work for them and chose to not take any additional doses. I know a few people who took additional doses and still tested Positive. I just want to be honest here, but do your own research. Who knows if those people reinfected themselves or did not take Resolve properly.

2. Did you take the first kit of Resolve with 3 steps or 2

I took the first kit, which consisted of 3 Steps. I heard that the new 2 step process is stronger and will have better results... again, this is just speculation.

3. What did you eat and drink while taking Resolve?

I eat pretty healthy, even before Resolve. I primarily shop at Whole Foods. I do eat a lot of sweets, and did so while on Resolve. I also continued drinking beer while on Resolve. Often I would get so depressed that I would chase my Resolve dose with a Beer. LOL As I stated in a previous post, I did do a two week no sugar, and no coffee diet. If you could cut sugar and coffee out of your diet the entire Resolve process, I think that would be extremely beneficial.

4. How long did you have HSV2 before you started Resolve?

I believe that I was infected with HSV2 in June 2008, and started Resolve in December 2008.

5. How much did you weigh while on Resolve?

I weigh around 112lbs.

6. Did you have any symptoms post Resolve, even now?

The only symptom that I still have is a needle prick feeling on the spot of where I was infected with HSV2. When I was infected, I got two boils down south. When they healed, they left a scar. That scar has always had a needle prick feeling, which Resolve is claiming is nerve damage that will eventually heal on it's own. During my 90 day wait, I had the tingles. For more info on my symptoms, read my posts from when I was on Resolve.

7. Did you take a booster or extension from Resolve?

I still had the tingles when I finished Resolve, so I decided to take the 4 day extension. No booster.

I hope that this answered everyone's questions. My intentions are not to scare anyone, but I do want to mention one thing that I am not sure that I have stated before. Be aware that some people who never had any OB's before taking Resolve, now have OB's. A few people from the Hub have made this claim, and I wanted to mention this for those considering Resolve.

Again, this is my opinion... good luck to those who decide to take the Resolve path, and to those currently chugging those chlorine shots!!!

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