Monday, May 18, 2009

I am speachless...

Let me first start this Journal entry by saying "Thank You" to everyone who has sent me emails and comments to help lift my spirit. I have tried to remain positive about Resolve, and often fell down... but I got right back up, fighting.

This has been so hard for me. To go from a germ-a-phob, to someone who made a poor decision and became infected with HSV2, to someone who has been cured of Herpes... what a journey. I have been given a second chance.

For those out there who are currently on Resolve, on their 90 day post Resolve wait, or someone who is interested in Resolve, just have faith that it will work for you. Do your research and decide whether you want to do this or not. Based off what I know, Resolve seems to have better results for those who have not been infected long. I believe that our immune systems have a huge factor in whether you are cured or not. Whatever you decide, do not give up. Keep fighting!!! If Resolve does not work for you, do not give up.

I was sitting here thinking of some of the things that I have done that may have helped me beat this virus and came up with a few things.

1. Drink 60 ounces or more of water, per day. Flush that damn virus out!!!
2. I did a two week no sugar, no caffeine diet. I believe that this allowed my immune system to work harder at fighting the virus. The benefit from this is that I can now drink my coffee with no sugar. I use to be the girl who sat there for 20 seconds while the sugar escaped the glass container.
3. While on Resolve I stopped using deodorant. Trust me, you can do it too! I use to work out and smell so funky. LOL After Resolve released all of the toxins from my body, I just use an all natural deodorant. I no longer smell after a hard workout. This will also help women prevent breast cancer.
4. Exercise often. This will help you relieve some of the stress having Herpes has given you and also it will help your overall health, which in the end will allow you to fight the virus.
5. Try to remove yourself from extremely stressful situations. This is the key to your cure!!!
6. Do not think that every single bump or rash is a HSV OB. If you have followed my Journal, you will see that I did this a few times. I had an allergic reaction to Mango's, and of course I blamed it on HSV. Try to remain positive and fight the virus.
7. I recommend everyone take a multi vitamin and an immune builder. I also took a Pro Biotic. You can search my Journal for the brands that I used. I posted that info a while back.
8. Do not have sex!!! It does not matter if your using a condom... just stop it. I have not let anyone touch me down south since my Positive test results in October. I have messed around, but I never let anyone touch me. I am so glad this will now change. =)

If I can think of any other tips, I will post them. Also, as soon as I get a copy of my test results from my Gyno, I will scan them and post a copy.

Note, I am still waiting for my Western Blot test results. I am not sure what I would do if they come back Positive. I will remain Positive and go with the flo...

Adios... I am Negative!!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! I'm on the Booster right now. I'm so happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

GIRL!!! All I can say is that I am so happy for you. I am on my 90 day wait and won't test again until early August. You have given me hope and for that I say thank you and best wishes for you in the future. Enjoy life again.

JAMIE said...

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