Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clarification on Taking Vitamins

Someone in the Hub asked me if I took the vitamins that I suggested during my Resolve treatment. To be clear, I only took the vitamins, Immune Builder, and Pro Biotic during my 90 days Post Resolve. Here is what I pulled from Resolve's website:

You must NOT have any vitamin C when you take the mineral detox at lease 45 minutes before or after you take the mineral dose. If you mix it with juice rather than water, then make sure the juice does not have any natural or added vitamin C. Check the label, though, to make sure the juice manufacturer did not add vitamin C.


spontaneuos_me2009 said...

Fighter, Regarding the Vitamin C, I emailed Resolve when my shipment first came and they said you only had to avoid Vitamin C in step 3, (now step 2). Also, thanks for admitting the thing about the alcohol, I never chased a dose with alcohol but several times I too have drank more than a little because of feeling depressed and worrisome about weather or not this would work and Resolve said alcohol would not effect the detox but I was still a little worried abut that. Thanks for the good info about the no sugar and no coffee, I hardly ever drink coffee and I dont eat much sweets, but now I will try to avoid processed sugar products.

Anonymous said...

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