Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Copy of My Negative PCR and IgG Test Results

I scanned these this evening... and of course blacked out my personal info.

PCR Result:

IgG Result:

Here is a print screen from tstd.org of my Positive IgG test that I took in January 2009:


New Beginnings aka Love said...

I never doubted you girl! So happy for you. I am sure you are still in shock and don't know what to make of it all....but with time you will realize that this is for real! ::hugs::

Lynne said...

Wow! I am super confused about my results too. I had a visual diagnosis and they took a swab for a PCR. The PCR is negative and they are sending me in for IgG and IgM tests on Monday.

Did you start with blood tests? Did you ever find out what you had?

cayrick49 said...

Firstly I am not a doctor but have taken the full "Resolve Herpes" treatment and it did not work.
My understanding of tests like Western Blot etc. is that they look for an antibody to a protein marker in the Herpes Virus. Even if you test positive before the treatment you should, in theory, test positive after the treatment, even if successful, since the antibodies remain in the blood.
In my case I had outbreaks before completing treatment and they returned in a mild form two months later and here it is 6 months and I have it full blown again. Frequency of outbreaks is supposed to diminish after 50. I am now 63 and they continue to plague me every couple of months.
You know if you have herpes, you don't need a physican to tell you; your body is your physican. After the treatment the best indicator of success is whether or not outbreaks recurr. In retrospect the science of the product does not make sense. You have to activate the virus and then knock it on the head either by pharmaceutical products or through stimulating your body's killer cells to recognize and destroy the virus.