Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day Of Rest

After completing Step 1, today is my day of rest. I begin Step 2 tomorrow.

I am going grocery shopping today so that I have food to eat after each dose. Since being single, I do not cook, so this step is going to be interesting to me. I usually eat a muffin or something for breakfast and then a big late lunch. I was told that I have to eat a nice size meal with each dose, so I need to plan a meal for each dose. hmmmmm

I am trying to not let HSV define me. I am trying to continue the things that I have done since finding out that I have HSV (besides sex of course). I always went out on dates and did whatever I wanted, so I am trying to continue that. It is rather difficult when you are in the heat of the moment, but I have been doing really well not putting myself in the situation that will allow something to happen. I have some impatient girls, in regards to me saying no to having sex with them, so I am hoping that this works. Anyway, I have another date later today, so I will make sure to keep it out in the open and not back at my Condo... =)

I am going to finish my coffee and get ready to begin my day.

I will post another update tomorrow.


New Beginnings said...

Enjoy your day of rest. I didn't really have much problem with step two. If you have stomach issues just take beano before you eat and take your dose. Drink plenty of water and all will be good!

Anonymous said...

your eating habits are sort of like mine!