Thursday, December 18, 2008

Step 1 Day 16

Today my stomach felt much better than the previous two days. Also, my face is really clearing up with the alcohol, peroxide, moisturizer, followed by vitamin e oil regimen. I hope that it stays this way.

I increased my dose to 13mls and felt no difference. However, I really wish my bloated stomach would go down. It really hurts and is making me feel soooo fat!!!

This morning I noticed something rather interesting. My taste buds are very sensitive today, and I mean this in a good way. I think all of the toxins leaving my body are allowing me to really taste the things that I eat. It is really cool!!! Also, I did laundry the other day and I was talking to one of my g/f's on the phone and I kept smelling my towels and admiring how good they smelled. My g/f thought I was weird, but I have bad allergies and I can finally smell things really well. My taste and smell are excellent thanks to Resolve.

On the bad side, I think Resolve is making me gain weight, and you would think a detox would help you loose weight. I only weigh 112lbs, so I am at the perfect weight for my size. However, Resolve requires you to eat before each dose. I am single, so I usually only eat a small breakfast and a huge lunch, and nothing for dinner. I may have some fruit or something for dinner, but that is really it. Now that I am on Resolve, I have to eat 3 nice size meals a day and I feel like I am eating even when I am not hungry.

That is it for my Resolve update today. Let me not forget to mention my wonderful news...

I stated a few posts ago that the girl that infected me with HSV also has HPV. Well, I got a Pap done and an HPV test before Thanksgiving and just got my test results back today. My Gyno called and said that my Pap was normal, and my HPV test was Negative. I am so relieved and can finally sleep at night. What great news before the holidays!!!

Have a wonderful evening!!!

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