Monday, December 15, 2008

Step 1 Day 13

With each dose that I have taken today, my mouth continuously salivates. This seems to last for several hours. Additionally, my face, neck, scalp, and back are still breaking out. My face has one large bump that looks like Mt. Everest!!! I started the alcohol, peroxide, moisturizer, followed by Vitamin E Oil on the large bumps. I really hope that this works for me.

I am still bloated and my nose continues to run. My glands under my arm pits, extending across the top of my breasts, feel really hard and swollen. Other than that, no complaints.

I do want to mention, for those who are not familiar with Resolve, how you take your doses. For Step 1 you start with 4mls of the minerals, three times a day (after a meal). Every 5 days you increase by 3mls until you hit 13mls, after 13mls you increase to 15mls... which is a total of 25 days for Step 1.

After the 25 days, you take one day of rest, and then move on to Step 2 and then Step 3. Currently I am on Step 1 Day 13... 12 more days left on Step 1.

Resolve provides you with a little beaker. You fill the mineral solution into the beaker to whatever mls you are taking. They say to dilute it, but I just take it like I would a shot of vodka. I then pour a little distilled water in the beaker to catch any remaining minerals, and take another shot. I typically follow up with a glass of water. Roughly an hour later, I drink Martinelli's all natural apple juice. This procedure is done after a meal 3 times a day.

That is it for Day 13. I am hoping that my glands do not continue to swell, and it is just a one time symptom. Have a nice evening...


Anonymous said...

are we twins???? this is pretty funny that our experiences are so similar.

Fighter said...

I think we are twins... haha I have been following yours too. Did you feel nauseous today? I have since my 2nd dose.