Sunday, December 14, 2008

Step 1 Day 12

This update is for yesterday and today.

Yesterday I woke up still feeling very nauseous. I started my 10mls dose and did not have any new symptoms. My face is really broken out now and my back looks like that candy from back in the day... the little candy dots on the white paper. I am not sure if you know what I am referring to, but my back looks like I have the chicken pox.

I have this really big bump on my right cheek and I tried to squeeze it, even though it does not have a head, and it wouldn't budge. Their like swollen boils or something. That was yesterday, so this morning when I woke up, that bump is just as big but now my ear on that side is a little swollen. I think the infection inside may have traveled to my ear. My suggestion to everyone is to leave them alone unless they are ready to be popped.

My nauseous feeling went away late yesterday, and I hope it remains gone. That was not fun at all, and it caused me to miss my club night on Saturday.

I still feel really run down, but I am more concerned with these bumps. Yesterday someone recommended to apply tooth paste on the bumps. But you can only use that old school all white paste type. I put it on the few spots and then for some reason got carried away and just smeared it all over my face. LOL I looked like I had a mask on, but then the bad thing is that it started burning from the mint. In conclusion, it did not really do much. Maybe I needed to leave it on a little bit longer.

Oh yeah, I do not want to forget to mention that yesterday when I woke up, my tingly feeling was gone. I have had that same tingly feeling down below for like a month or so. No bumps or anything associated with it, just tingly. I think that is a really good sign!

So to recap my symptoms as of today...

1. Runny Nose
2. Bumps on my face, scalp, neck, and back (they are very sore hard bumps)
3. Bloated
4. Right ear loop is swollen

I do want to make a note of this in hopes of it helping someone else. Someone posted on the Hub a recommendation from Resolve on the bumps. Here is what they said you can do. I am going to try this today and will let you know if it works.

Using the solutions from step 3, mix 7 drops of bottle A and 5ml of bottle B and place it on your bumps. It is suppose to help the bumps heal faster.

That is it for this morning. If anything new occurs, I will post later on tonight. If not, I will post an update tomorrow.


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