Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Step 1 Day 21

Nothing new to report today... my face looks like shit and I am rather pissed off about it. I know that Resolve has cured me, so I am trying to stay positive. My symptoms thus far:

1. Facial, scalp, chest, and back breakouts.
2. Runny Nose
3. Bloated

These are the only 3 symptoms that I can recall at the moment. I am going to stop using everything on my face and go back to a mild cleanser and moisturizer. I hope the shit gets better soon because I have a date as soon as I get back into town. =)~

4 More Days Until Step 1 Is Complete... Let's hope that I do not have stomach issues like the rest.


Anonymous said...

I feel bad about the breakout on your face, that stinks. You are almost there though!!

Fighter said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I keep telling myself that it is almost over. =)