Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Step 1 Day 8 - Dose 3

Well, I had the worse day of my life today... thanks to having HSV2.

My ex g/f found out that I am dating again (of course no sex) and she got so angry that she is threatening to tell everyone about me having HSV.

I guess sometimes it doesn't pay to tell someone you love the truth. When I found out 2 months ago that I had HSV2, we were living together. So, like any human being who has a heart would do, I told her about my positive test results and I paid for her take a complete STD test.

Her test came back negative and she left me right away. Now that I am dating again, she wants to continue to control me. I know how jealous she is so I am pretty certain that she will tell all of my friends, and the girls that I am dating, as she said she would.

She said the most hateful things to me... this is a clear example of why I would never go public if I am cured. People think of people with HSV as thrashy, dirty, slutty, and many other names... which I was called today by her.

The sad thing is that I caught it from someone I knew for 10 years who never told me that she had it.

As far as Resolve goes... today I had no new issues. Let me outline the symptoms that I currently have:

1. Facial, scalp, and back breakouts (my cyclops bump is almost completely gone)
2. Still tingly down below, but manageable
3. Slight headache, but that could be because I sit at my computer all day at work.
4. Very Bloated
5. Runny Nose, but not as bad as the first 5 days. Once I increased the dosage to 7ml, my nose has not been as runny. I guess that will save me a few bucks on tissues!

That is my story for today. Sorry if I sound negative, but I feel like HSV has defeated me...

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Anonymous said...

Hi: don't feel that way. Sometimes people can be mean for no reason. I have a sneaking suspicion this girl will get exactly what she deserves for doing that to you. Just because you have the virus doesn't make you any less than someone that doesn't have it. I know you know this in your conscious mind, but it's your subconsious that needs a jolt of encouragement.

Whenever I feel down about what I have, I remember that I am not HIV positive where the stakes are so much higher. The medicines are more expensive, the risks are greater. It doesn't mean that someone with HSV is better than someone with HIV. It only means that we all have our crosses.

I know a lot of people who don't have any virus at all and still can't maintain a relationship lol!

Like I said, she will get hers, maybe not herpes but she will get reap what you sow...