Saturday, December 27, 2008

Step 1 Day 25

How does that sound... Day 25? I made it through Step 1 with only the Chicken Pox. j/k

Step 1 was not so bad, it was the breakouts that REALLY bothered me. I am still broken out on Day 25, but my face is not to bad. We will see what happens when I start Step 2.

Tomorrow I have a day off, so I will enjoy a few beers and watch the Eagles play the Cowboys in a game we MUST win. GO E-A-G-L-E-S!!!

Monday I start Step 2 and heard that it is really hard on your stomach. I will do more research before starting Step 2... like what juice I should take with it and if I need to take it on a full stomach, or if a Cliff bar is enough to eat with it.

I am not certain if I mentioned it, but I never really get OB's, I just get a minor tingle down below right before and after my cycle. Since taking Resolve, I have not had any tingling down below, besides for the times when I... LOL n/m

Anyway, what was I saying... Oh yeah, well 3 days ago I started getting the tingly feeling down below. That really bothered me, and I am starting to be a little more skeptical whether this is going to work for me or not. I have been maintaining a positive belief in regards to Resolve, but that really made me take a step back. I know it is really early, but it was not expected.

I could see randomly having the tingly down below while taking Resolve, but when I ONLY had the tingly before and after my period before taking Resolve, and then while taking Resolve it occurs the same as before... well that kind of raised an eyebrow.

In conclusion, my symptoms while on Step 1 were:

1. Facial, scalp, chest, and back breakouts (looks like the Chicken Pox)
2. Bloated
3. Tingly down below before my cycle started
4. Runny nose (this exists even on Day 25, but not nearly as bad as the first 2 weeks)

I believe those were the main symptoms, but you can look through previous posts for others.

That is it for Step 1 on Resolve. I am going to get some rest before I head to the club tonight... wish me luck on Step 2 AKA "The Stomach Pain Step"

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Good luck!