Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Step 1 Day 15

Once again, I had the nauseous feeling all day... and no I am not pregnant. Talk about a miracle!!!

I know that my "monthly friend" is suppose to arrive in another week, so maybe it doesn't like Resolve. Thanks you two for battling!!!

I have noticed that my face is clearing up and my nose doesn't run as often. If I could get rid of the nauseous feeling and the extreme bloatiness, I would feel pretty good.

Tomorrow I start my 13mls dose. I am hoping that my body reacts the same, and the symptoms do not get worse as the doses increase.

I think all the salts in the minerals is making my stomach really bloated. I feel like a overly inflated balloon!!! =(

11 more days until I begin Step 2 (note that there is a day rest in between each step), and many more, which I do not want to count, until I am finished with Resolve. Once I finish Step 2, or maybe Step 3 I have not decided yet, I am going to test to see where my numbers are at.

I was diagnosed with HSV2 and my number was a 1.70, which is really low. Also, I only had it for like 3-4 months so the odds are in my favor.

Off to relax in hopes of a better day tomorrow...


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