Monday, December 8, 2008

Step 1 Day 6 - Dose 2

I have taken my second dose for today and there is nothing new to report. I still have that throw up feeling, but I continue to mask it by drinking a lot of water.

My Gyno called me back and said that my HSV2 test results showed me at a 1.70, which seems low compared to other numbers people have posted in the Hub. I asked her to mail me a copy so that when I test NEGATIVE in January (I am trying to be positive) I have proof of my numbers before Resolve and after. Remember, in order to test negative for HSV, you will need a <.90. I am eager to see if my numbers drop after using Resolve.

If there is anyone out there who would like to use me as research, I will be more than happy to take a blood test after each Step. I would love to see what the numbers show as I continue to take Resolve... of course you will be paying for the blood tests. LOL

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