Saturday, December 6, 2008

Step 1 Day 4 - Dose 1

This morning I woke up in such a great mood. Besides the runny nose and the bumps on my face, I really like the way I feel on Resolve (SO FAR THAT IS). I feel energized, and I have been sleeping really well.

This morning I took my normal shot after I ate a Nutri Grain bar. I followed up with a Grande Starbucks Pike Place blend coffee, of course with extra cream and extra sugar. =)

My nose continues to flow like a river. I am going to the club tonight so I hope that I am not dancing with someone and it starts to flow. LOL How attractive!!!

My face is still breaking out, but it is manageable. I pray it doesn't get any worse. Majority of the bumps are on my forehead, so I will continue to wear my beanie hat. Thank goodness it is winter time! Could you imagine me wearing a beanie hat in the summer. LOL People will think... why the hell is she wearing that hot ass hat in the summer. (giggle)

I read yesterday that Nevada tested NEGATIVE for HSV, after completing the Resolve treatment. I really hope that Nevada is legit and is not someone who works for Resolve in an attempt to get our hopes up. If you would like to see his test results go to this link and enter Nevada's pin# 564197-8731054.

On Monday Ava will get her test results back. If she tests Negative, we know that Resolve is the real deal. I am so anxious, but I am nervous that these people are not real.

Since finding out about my HSV, I have a hard time trusting anyone. I thought I knew this woman, after 10 years who would think otherwise. I guess I was wrong... look at what she did to me. I would never have imagined "me" getting HSV, especially from her.

I was the star athlete; the funny class clown with a lot of friends. The clean, germ-a-phob who cares a great deal about her appearance. The girl who dresses really cool, and should consider starting her own clothing label. The one who has girls throwing themselves at her, and mainly just eager to be around her. I am not being conceited, I am just being real here.

I guess this is a wakeup call me for. It can happen to anyone. I talk a lot about how bad I want to have sex, and how tempted I am, but in reality I have learned my lesson.

If Resolve cures me, I will start requiring STD test results before sleeping with anyone. HAHA OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but what else is one to do these days? Could you imagine being in the heat of the moment and saying... ummm can I see your papers. LOL She will look at me like WTF are you talking about. (giggling)

OK, I am being silly again, but I need to figure out a plan because if Resolve cures me, I do not want to be in a situation like this again.

In order to cope with this virus, I laugh about it and joke around, but truly it is destroying me inside. However, I am not going to let HSV win. I started dating again, despite not being able to have sex. Another way that I cope with HSV is by shopping. LOL When I get sad I go to the mall and buy new clothes. At least I look good on the outside, since the inside is diseased! OK, I feel sad now... off to the mall. =)

Blowing my runny nose as I publish this post...

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