Monday, December 8, 2008

Step 1 Day 6 - Dose 1

My remaining doses yesterday were fine... no new issues to report.

Today I have increased my dosage to 7ml. I was a little worried about increasing my dose because I am only 112 lbs, and I wasn't sure how it would affect my body. I am surprised that the dosage doesn't correspond to body weight. A person 300 lb person takes the same dosage as me. HMMMMM

Anyway, so far I am OK. My mouth feels a little watery, and it is beginning to bother me. It feels kind of like that feeling you get right before you are going to throw up, yet it has lasted for several hours now. I am going to lunch now, so we will see if eating lunch helps. I have not heard anyone else complain of this symptom, so maybe it is just me.

I was expecting today's dose to increase the flow from my waterfall (my nose), and thus far it has not. I hope my runny nose symptom is gone. However, I would rather that than back pains or serious facial breakouts that I have heard others have had.

I have called my Gyno today and requested a copy of my Positive test results. I would like to have my exact numbers so that when I test on January 21st, the day after I complete my treatment, I can see if my numbers dropped at all. I am not expecting to test Negative because I have not waited the full 90 days, but I think that my numbers should drop, and if they do then I know something positive is going on in my body. Also, remember that my numbers were low since I only had HSV2 for 2-3 months, so who knows I may be Negative before my 90 day mark. I will post my numbers when my Gyno calls me back.

Off to lunch to try and eliminate this throw-up feeling.... Oh let me not forget, my Cyclops bump in the center of my forehead is disolving. I hope I didn't jinx it!!!

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