Monday, December 29, 2008

Step 2 Day 1

Let me first state that my day off yesterday was not so good. I think I was going through withdrawals from being on Resolve for 25 days. I felt so sick all day.

Anyway, today was horrible as well. After my first two doses, and pretty much all day, my stomach had really bad pains. I ate full meals and have been drinking a lot of water. I also felt like someone kicked me in my back. I think the dose may be to strong for me, since I do not weigh much. I wonder if the doses should be based off your weight. I am going to deal with the pain for 7 days because I want to be cured so bad.

Today someone on the Hub tested NEGATIVE for HSV2 after taking Resolve. This is great news!!! I am going to test on January 21st, the day after I finish Resolve. I just plan on testing to see where my numbers are, and will test again 90 days post Resolve.

Anyway, I am about to take dose 3 and chase it with an ice cold Grolsch...

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