Thursday, December 25, 2008

Step 1 Day 23

Well my "monthly friend" is a week late, and I assume it is late because of Resolve. Well shit, let me say that it is because of Resolve because there is no way in hell that I could get pregnant. LOL

Prior to Resolve, I would get a little tingly down below before and after my period. Today I started to feel a slight tingle, and I am not really happy about that. It never gets worse, just a slight tingle down below. I was hoping it would not do that before my period this month, but I guess I was wrong. We will see if it remains slight or if Resolve causes it to be full blown. I never had a real outbreak since diagnosed with HSV2, so I am curious what will happen this month.

Other than the tingly down below, which let me state it is very faint, nothing new to report. As of today the symptoms that I have are:

1. Slight tingle down below
2. Runny Nose
3. Bloated
4. Facial, neck, back, and chest breakouts

Tomorrow I am heading back home to ATL, so I will enjoy my 12 hour drive with my dog. =(

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