Sunday, December 7, 2008

Step 1 Day 5 - Dose 1

I did not get a chance to post for my other doses yesterday. I had no issues, other than what I have mentioned before. I went out to the club last night and had 6 beers, and had no weird symptoms from the alcohol. My nose did not run while I was there either, so that was a plus.

This morning I woke up and felt like shit. I believe it is just a hangover, and not related to the minerals. People were smoking in the club last night, and I am not a smoker, so when I woke up this morning, my nose was burning. I went from the waterfall nose to the dry burning nose. I think the waterfall may be more welcoming for me than how I feel right now. I am hoping that when I take my next dose it will add some moisture.

My sex drive was fine yesterday after the second dose. Thus far it seems like it is every other day... or maybe it is all in my head. LOL I will continue to monitor that.

Last night after I showered and was getting ready to go out, I noticed some bumps in different places on my body. I am assuming it is from Resolve, because I do not breakout like that. My face is still breaking out. I have one right in the middle of my freaking forehead. I look like the damn Cyclops. ERRRRRRRRR It is not Halloween dammit! Also, I noticed a big bump on the back of my head. I was washing my hair last night and felt it. Luckily my hair is long so no one will see it. I just have to be careful not to brush my hair to hard. OWTCHHH

I have been feeling a little tingly down below since using Resolve, but it is minor so I have not really said much about it. This is common while taking Resolve.

So I said in a previous post that I have been dating again. I have a slight problem... I have given every excuse in the world why I won't sleep with this girl. It has been working, and also it helps that she lives a little far from me. My problem is that next weekend she will be around where I live all weekend and she keeps saying how excited she is and that she wants to stay at my place. I am just dating her, along with some other girls, so we are not at a serious point where I would tell her about my HSV. I will only tell someone who I can see as a potential committed partner, and I do not see her as that. I just want to play the field until Ms. Right comes along. I guess I need to start thinking about how I want to handle this, because I would never allow anything to happen unless I know I am clean. If Resolve does work, I should be done on January 20th. I am going to test right away and compare the numbers. Whether I test positive or negative, I only had HSV for like 2 months, so I should see a drop in numbers. I will then take another test, unless I test Negative, on my 90 day mark.

Well, I am off to the bar to watch my football team win today.

Another shot down... yukkkkk!!!

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