Thursday, December 11, 2008

Step 1 Day 9

I feel a lot better, emotionally, today than I did yesterday. I forgot that I had a video, yes that kind of video, of my ex g/f and I. Well, I just had to give her a little reminder that I still have it. *evil smile*

So far she has not said a word to me, and has not told anyone about me having HSV. That video may have saved my reputation... I am so proud of myself for making it. I think I should do it more often! LOL

Several days ago Nevada, from the Hub, took a second HSV test to validate that his results from the first negative test were indeed NEGATIVE. His test results were NEGATIVE, for a second time! This is the best news that I have heard all week. I really hope that Resolve works for me too. If you would like to see his test results, go to this link and type in the pin 214191-5231988:

Additionally, someone else (Trying to Cope) tested NEGATIVE today for HSV2. She has both HSV1 and HSV2, and her HSV2 was negative.

Note: you are suppose to wait 90 days before getting tested, and she has not hit her 90 day mark. She will test again after her 90 day post resolve mark, and hopefully her HSV1 will be gone as well. She used the same company as Nevada for her testing, and her pin is 467302-1779328.

I have no new symptoms to report... just the same symptoms that I have posted yesterday.

The few bumps on my face are the kind of bumps that get really red and sore. They are not like a typical bump in which you pop and they go away. These do not have a head to pop, their just red and swollen. This sounds so gross (sorry for the details), but I only have a few so it is not to bad. I just hope that it stays this way and I only have one here and there.

My back is still broken out; However, I am OK with that because I can hide it easily. I just have to remember not to ask anyone for a back scratch. HAHA

I did want to point something out that I have never said in my journal. The girl that infected me with HSV2 also informed me that she has HPV, and got cervical cancer from it. She caught it early and the laser surgery went well.

I had a pap smear and an HPV test before Thanksgiving and have been at the edge of my seat waiting for my results. This nasty b@tch could have given me both HSV2 and HPV!

I have been so stressed out over this and over my ex g/f trying to exploit that I have HSV2. I hope that by not getting a call from my Gyno by now, that my test results are normal. When I took my STD tests, I was called a week later with my positive results. I will continue to call into the lab results line and pray that I do not have it.

I had a few questions that I raised earlier in the Hub and decided to email Resolve to find out the true answers. Below are my questions along with the answers that Resolve provided me with.

1. Is it OK to drink alcohol (mainly beer and vodka) while on Resolve?Yes you can drink alcohol but remember you are doing a detox and it is best to drink in moderation.

2. I have an appointment, which I scheduled a month ago, to get a new tattoo sleeve. Is it OK to get a tattoo while on Resolve?Yes you can get a tattoo

3. If I have HSV2, Genital, is it OK to kiss someone who DOES NOT have HSV while on Resolve?
Yes you can kiss someone but you could experience breakouts in your mouth if you have been a dormant carrier of HSV1 so be aware this could happen if so you do not want to kiss anyone. Also be aware you can alway catch HSV 1 from kissing.

4. Lastly, do you know what is in the pills that were taking?
The pills are similar to step 1 just in capsule form.

Downing my last shot for the evening... can someone pass me another tissue? LOL

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