Thursday, December 4, 2008

Step 1 - Day 2

Today was a great day for me. I had no cramps today, and my sex drive seemed like it was back to normal. =)

The only symptoms thus far is my runny nose, which I forgot to mention yesterday. I went and bought some Puffs with lotion so my nose doesn't get raw. I mean gesh, every 5 minutes I am blowing my nose. My throat is scratchy, which is not so bad because every time a girl calls me she likes it. HAHA OK, I will behave today.

Let's see... any other symptoms? Ummmm Oh yeah, I have a few red spots on my face, and I am really worried about that. Please do not let my face break out. The red spots are on my forehead so I wore my knit beanie hat all day. Good way to hide that... (evil laugh)

I did notice that I seem really run down today. It is rainy here so maybe it is the weather. I will keep an eye on that. Not that I can do anything about it, but I guess I will keep an eye on it.

I also noticed that I use the bathroom more than I usually do. I have no issues in that department, so I hope that doesn't continue to increase. That is all I need, issues with my ass!!! LOL

Other than that... I had a great day today. Like the band "Flyleaf" says... "I'm Alive!"

Day two down... damn, I do not even want to count. Off to blow my nose again... how attractive!

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