Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Step 1 Day 22

Today around 8:30pm EST, I felt really sick. My head started to hurt and I felt like I had a fever. I laid down, and after 2 hours I felt a lot better. Not sure if that was Resolve related, but it was right after I took my 3rd dose of 15mls.

I do want to give a tip to anyone who may be considering Resolve... DRINK A LOT OF WATER. I think a lot of my nauseousness and headaches that I have experienced throughout Step 1 may have been related to not drinking enough water. For example, when I felt sick tonight, I drank 2 bottles of water and I laid down. I think the water is what helped.

I have been drinking a lot of water since I have been taking Resolve, but sometimes it doesn't seem like enough. The bad thing is that I have to keep going to the restroom to pee, and that can be a pain when your not at home. Anyway, be prepared to drink a lot of water.

Nothing else to report today, no tingly or anything going on down below... Happy Holidays!!!

This is exactly how I feel while on Step 1:

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